Easy Pod Cleaning Guide for Vape Subscription Box Users

Easy Pod Cleaning Guide for Vape Subscription Box Users

Nowadays, the majority of smoking aficionados favor pod vaping systems over cigarettes to make the most of high-strength nicotine salt e-liquids while minimizing the health damage they cause. Even though purchasing a pod vaping kit along with a vape subscription box is generally affordable, some newbies might be alarmed if they discover that their pods are burning through faster than they anticipated. But, it’s not always the case that a defective or damaged atomizer coil is the cause of a pod starting to produce a burnt flavor. The likelihood that the coil is just coated with gunk is significantly higher. Plus, it will not work for as many years as you expected if you:

  • Don’t pay attention to maintaining the ideal condition of your pod 
  • Let it get clogged by residues

This can also lead to the accumulation of bacteria on the heating element and cartridge, which can eventually lead to respiratory problems.

Why Gunk Builds in Your Pod?

There are several reasons why leftovers and filth might accumulate in your pod, and knowing how they do so is crucial to prevent and treat the problem. The deposition of residue from the substances you consume in your pod is one of the main causes of gunk buildup. Further, mineral deposits can also form and add dirt accumulation if you:

  • Use low-quality water
  • Don’t clean your pod regularly

These deposits can be especially problematic in hard water areas because of the high mineral concentration that can cause limescale to form. In addition, poor storage conditions or moisture exposure can facilitate the growth of:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria

How to Clean the Main Body of Your Pod?

You have to take the pod out of the system to clean the main body. Use a soft cloth to make the gadget free of dust. Plus, there’s a strong possibility that lint and other impurities have gathered in the charging port if you frequently carry your pod system in your pocket. Remember, if there is a partial blockage of the metal contacts in the charging port by lint, your device:

  • May not charge at all
  • Might take longer than usual to charge

Hence, use a toothpick to remove the debris. Also, never clean the charging port with a metal instrument as this can lead to scratches on the port’s contacts. Furthermore, the pod storage chamber is probably the dirtiest component of your pod system. According to most of the monthly mystery subscription boxes, you can use a cotton swab to remove any condensation that may be visible beneath the pod. Another useful tool for eliminating discoloration from the metal contacts in the chamber is a dry cotton swab. You can use a little rubbing alcohol to:

  • Moisten the cotton swab 
  • Wipe the metal more thoroughly if the contacts are discolored

When reusing your pod system after cleaning it with alcohol, make sure all of the liquid has evaporated.

How to Clean a Vape Pod and Atomizer Coil?

If you’re the kind of person who buys monthly subscription boxes and experiments with different vape juice varieties, regular cleaning is mandatory for you because residue builds up in the pod, which will make it harder to taste your e-liquids. This means that every e-liquid you buy will start to taste the same if you don’t clean your pod.

Get a bowl and fill it with hot water, but do not boil it. Then, take the pod and disassemble it to the best of your ability. If it is feasible, open the filling hole in the pod and take the coil out. Next, place everything in the water and leave for a few hours. When the water cools down, you should refill it with hot water. The water will likely darken a little as you clean your pods and coils, or you may notice that little particles start to fall off the coil. This suggests that the water is starting to seep through the remaining e-liquid inside the pod. Lastly, take them out of the bowl and let them air dry for a day after soaking the coil and pod for a few hours.

Moreover, it is crucial to remember that even while water will mostly remove most residue from an atomizer coil, certain particles will remain after cleaning. After being cleaned, the coil should taste better, but it won’t taste exactly like a brand-new coil. But, periodic cleaning helps if you use sweetened e-liquids and discover that you’re spending a lot of money on coil replacements since they don’t last as long as they should.

How To Clean Your Pod If An E-Liquid Leaks?

When you notice a significant e-liquid leak beneath the pod, do not neglect it as the e-liquid may seep into the inside of the device and pollute the circuitry, which will eventually cause the device to stop functioning. The first thing you should do is use a paper towel or cotton swabs after taking out the pod from your device to get rid of as much of the vape juice as you can. While holding it upside down, blow hard through the airflow hole at the bottom until it appears fully dry. Once this is done, vape juice will seep into the interior of the device if you notice e-liquid at the top of it. To absorb some of the extra moisture, place your gadget in a: 

  • Bowl of dry rice 
  • Bag with a few desiccant sachets

How to Prevent Gunk Accumulation in Your Pod?

Avoiding chain vaping is one approach to prevent gunk accumulation because it retains too much heat in one place and causes gunk to build up. Additionally, you should strive to prevent your device from overheating by never keeping it in direct sunlight or on for extended periods. Plus, use the appropriate wattage for your device and coil as too much wattage will burn out the coil and leave guck behind.


If you’re a vape enthusiast, the most cost-effective way to use and maintain your pod is to purchase monthly vape subscription boxes. Why? Because you won’t need to visit physical outlets to buy each accessory separately, which saves time and money.

At Greeen Box, we offer mystery gift boxes with high-quality flavors and cleaning equipment to let you enjoy multiple tastes while keeping your pod clean and increasing its expected lifespan.

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