Custom Butcher Paper! How And Why To Use It?

Custom Butcher Paper! How And Why To Use It?

Food smoking is becoming increasingly widespread among barbeque lovers for the extremely smoky flavor it imparts to the meals. This love for smoked foodstuffs has inspired many to fire up a food smoker in their backyard, but sometimes, the result doesn’t come out as expected. Several tendencies and fads concerning food smoking have faded with period. However, the ones that truly made a difference in the procedure have become well-cautious pitmaster mysteries. Yes, the use of custom butcher paper is one such tendency that is fast catching up among barbeque lovers, and for all the honorable causes.

Butcher paper is not constantly the easiest item to find in the marts, either. You’ll find a wide preference for parchment paper and aluminum foil, but your preferences for butcher paper typically are fixed. To make things even more confusing, there is more than one kind of butcher paper out there, and not all butcher paper is similar.

What Is Butcher Paper?

It is a type of craft paper used for covering meat or any kind of food during the last steps of smoking to keep it moist and delicate. Custom butcher paper wholesale is manufactured from the pulp of southern pine and has been authorized by the FDA. 

As the paper is feted with a special sizing agent that maintains the meat, it is more flexible and difficult to tear. This procedure also makes it more absorbent. It is available in different colors such as pink, white, and brown, among which pink is used for food smoking.

Don’t misunderstand butcher paper for steak paper. They are quite different. Pink butcher paper is used to cover the meat while smoking, while steak paper is used in retail stores to show the meat and prevent contamination.

  • Brown Parchment Paper is a craft paper suitable for covering meat to make a neat package. This paper is mainly for craft pursuits but uses the same wood pulp as paper intended for cooking. The major difference is that brown paper lacks the processing and additives of other varieties of butcher paper sheets.
  • Pink Butcher Paper often called peach paper, is the kind you will want to discover for use on your smoker. The pink color comes from the natural design of the wood pulp. Avoid buying printed butcher paper that has added shades that may not be secure.
  • White Butcher Paper is identical to craft paper but has undergone a procedure to bleach the brown shade from the pulp. It is appropriate for many cooking procedures, but tend to avoid using it in turn of more appropriate varieties of butcher paper.

Butcher Paper Vs Foil Paper

Here is where confusion begins understanding the difference between using custom butcher paper, foil, or parchment in terms of your finished meal. Let’s unravel the differences and show you the right way to use these different products.

Butcher paper is food-grade wood pulp and the greatest quality is peach-colored. It absorbs some steam, but less than the untreated piece. It’s normally all right to use butcher paper up to the mid-450s.

Aluminum foil is one of the considerable generally available products that is completely suited to grilling, barbecuing, and smoking. It performs great for covering odd-shaped meats and has a very elevated burn temperature. You’ll have a difficult time getting your grill up to the 1,220 degrees it brings to ignite aluminum foil.

There are a few situations in which aluminum foil may create a harmful concern when used on the grill or barbecue. As temps rise, aluminum particles can be discharged from the foil and get into your meals. Recent science says there is little to no worry about using aluminum foil for cuisine. Your body utilizes a little aluminum and can process leftovers unless you get a heavy dose.

How To Use Butcher Paper 

Butcher paper roll comes in sheet forms that can be used easily. Cover it throughout the meat just like the aluminum foil. Make sure that meat is covered completely by the paper before smoking it further. You can cover it tightly around the meat if you want a seared crust on the outer layer. If the crust has already been created before reaching the stall, the butcher paper is also secure to use as it will not destroy the bark.


If you’ve ever wondered about utilizing custom butcher paper in your smoker, now is the period to try it. You may catch more intense smoky tastes, juiciness, and a delicate roast with an enhanced flavor over aluminum foil and adequate heat and moisture resistance than parchment paper. Pick up a pair of rolls of paper this season and experience the distinction in cooking and cleanup that high-quality butcher paper supplies.

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