The benefits and cost of hair transplant in UAE

Dubai’s graph of hair loss issues has been increasing since the last decade because of using treated chlorine water, a stressful busy lifestyle and consuming processed food that is
free of proteins and vitamins that all trigger hair loss problems. For these reasons, today Dubai has become an epicenter for hair transplant surgeries at considerably lower cost than other regions. That’s why surgeons for hair transplants in the UAE benefit from establishing their clinics there. People are attracted to Dubai as it provides hair transplants at a pocket-friendly cost besides being a renowned tourist attraction. People are opting for hair transplant surgeries as they give the best long-lasting results for their hair restoration problem as compared to using wigs and extensions.
When talking about the cost, the approximate hair transplant cost in UAE is $1.3 to $2.2(AED 5 to AED 8). If the number of grafts is more than 3000, the whole cost of the treatment falls between $4000-$6500 (AED 15,000 to AED 24,000). This price is relatively lower than the costs charged by other countries. Well, this is a general estimate of the cost and it can vary due to the following factors:

The extent of baldness:

The extent of baldness is measured on the Norwood scale and it is divided into 7 categories. So higher the level of baldness, the higher the cost.

The required number of follicular grafts:

The cost mainly depends upon the number of grafts extracted from the donor area. So per graft cost matters a lot in the whole process. In Dubai, per graft cost ranges between AED 8-AED10. The patient must be aware of the cost per graft.

The expertise of the surgeon:

The surgeon needs to have an experience in the surgeries plus he should be aware of the precision that has to be made while doing the process. The cost of hair transplants in the UAE is influenced by the expertise of the surgeon.

The type and physiology of the patient’s hair:

This plays a major factor in calculating the cost of the procedure as the type of technique and procedure depends upon the type and physiology of the hair.

The hairline and density:

The number of grafts is chosen according to the patient’s preference on how much head should be covered. Much denser hair covering the large areas of the head will ultimately cost more.

The type of clinic chosen:

People would prefer the clinic that has high ratings, the best-qualified surgeons, a safe and hygienic environment, and the best aftercare. So all of these good facilities are provided at
renowned and thus expensive clinics. So the cost thereby increases.

The type of procedure chosen:

FUE is mostly preferred over FUT as it minimally invasive procedure and has a longer procedure time. Now let’s have a look at the benefits provided by hair transplants in UAE.

The benefits offered by hair transplant in UAE:

Better appearance:

It is a permanent one-time solution for hair loss. Instead of using creams and other products that will cause reactions to your skin with no effective results, you should go for a hair transplant that will restore your hair and will also look natural. The follicles once settled
on your scalp will regrow your natural hair. This will enhance your confidence.

It’s a natural process:

After a lot of research, it is finalized that hair transplant is the best among other treatments to regrow your natural-looking hair. A variety of techniques are offered at Dubai clinics including both FUE and FUT in which the recipient area gets the actual follicles of hair from the donor area.

Eliminates baldness:

The effect of hair transplant is far better than using serums and oils for hair growth. It reduces your baldness and provides you with natural hair growth.

Cost efficient:

It is completely a misunderstanding about hair transplants being costly. The truth is that many highly reputed clinics are providing with best treatments at very affordable prices. The cost of using creams and serums over the years with getting no producible results might cost you more as compared to getting a hair transplant treatment done one time giving you profound and effective results. You won’t regret about wasting money.

Permanent results:

The process of hair transplant gives you permanent results as compared to hair loss products. Transplanted hair doesn’t even require special care and can be styled and treated in any way as your natural hair.

Advanced technology:

Many clinics in Dubai are offering cutting-edge technology that works on precision. This is an efficient procedure that allows maximum results and it minimizes the recovery process.

Experienced surgeons:

You will get the facility of experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons here who will provide you with a safe and effective procedure.

The cost is lower than in other areas:

This is the biggest of the benefits you can have from Dubai clinics. This is the reason people opt for Dubai than any other country for the process of hair transplantation.

Suitable for all hair conditions:

The hair transplant surgery is suitable for all hair conditions. Whether you are young or old, you can get the benefit of hair transplant surgery. It will work best for you at later stages of life too.

 High success rate:

The success rate of hair transplant surgery is quite high compared to other solutions.

The interpretation:

It’s very important to conduct thorough research on the best clinics and qualified surgeons providing you with hair transplants in UAE. Once you have selected your surgeon at the desired clinic, you must consult your doctor about your hair condition, which procedure and treatment to go for, and the risks and complications with the opted procedure. You should keep in mind the time taken by the procedure to show its actual results and don’t panic. The results of the procedure may vary from person to person according to the type of hair and amount of hair loss.

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