Reasons Why Activision Has Lost Touch With Gamers


Since the 90s, Activision games have been a household name in the gaming industry, and the memories it created were etched into the fabric of gamer’s mindsets forever.

Fast forward to today, and it’s a different love story. Somewhere along the way, Activision may have lost its way. The company that once serenaded us with Tony Hawk’s skate anthems challenged us in the fiery realms of Call of Duty and had us dreaming of heroic quests in the world of Spyro now seems like a distant relative who can’t keep up with the times.

This blog will explore why Activision Games, the once-beloved gaming giant, has seemingly lost touch with gamers.

The Microtransaction Avalanche: When ‘Extras’ Steal the Show

Microtransactions have become a hot-button issue in gaming, and Activision got a bit carried away with them. In the past, games were like an all-inclusive vacation; you paid once, and everything you needed for an epic adventure was right there. Nowadays, Activision games often feel more like a theme park with a maze of additional charges around every corner. Want that cool skin for your character or a nifty weapon skin? Well, that’s another few bucks. Perhaps a loot box to give you a slim chance at some in-game bling? You can bet your bottom dollar on that!

Gamers love to customize and express themselves in the virtual world, but when it starts to feel like an endless cash grab, it’s no wonder players are less than thrilled. Activision must remember that in-game extras should enhance the experience, not hijack your wallet.

The Annual Sequel Spree: Franchise Fatigue Sets In

Sequels can be the gaming equivalent of catching up with an old friend. But things start getting stale when you hang out with that friend every year. Activision has a penchant for releasing new Call of Duty games as regularly as clockwork, like the next season of your favorite TV show.

The problem is that this annual conveyor belt can leave players feeling fatigued. Sure, the core gameplay might still be solid, but when packaged as the “next big thing,” it can feel more like “more of the same.” We all love a good sequel, but like too much pizza, too many can leave you feeling bloated.

The Quest for Profit Over Passion: Where’s the Love for Games?

Remember when games were crafted by passionate developers who lived and breathed the worlds they created? Activision Games has sometimes been accused of shifting the focus from passion to profit. The pursuit of financial gain has overshadowed the love for gaming.

Gamers want to feel the same excitement developers felt while creating the game. A game should be more than a mere commodity; it should be an experience, an adventure, a thrill. Remember that a bit of love can go a long way!

Neglected Gems in the Attic: The Case of Dormant Franchises

Have you ever rummaged through your old toy chest and found forgotten treasures? Activision has a treasure trove of dormant game franchises collecting dust in the attic. Gamers have been clamoring for a revival of classic titles like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, or even a new entry in the beloved Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

While these franchises are legendary and have a dedicated fan base, Activision still needs to pay them the attention they deserve. These games could be the heartwarming nostalgia trips or exciting reboots that fans crave, but instead, they continue to gather cobwebs.

A Dubious Track Record with Work Conditions: Unhappy Developers, Unhappy Gamers

Remember how you feel when you’re enjoying a game – the thrill of victory, the crushing defeat, the excitement of exploring new worlds. It’s all possible thanks to the hard work of game developers. However, reports of poor working conditions, layoffs, and mistreatment at Activision Blizzard have cast a shadow on the gaming giant.

In their quest for a great experience, gamers often empathize with the folks behind the scenes. When the people crafting these virtual worlds are unhappy, it can be felt in the games they create. Activision Games should remember that a happy and motivated development team can produce extraordinary results that resonate with players.

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