Finding the Spirit Abroad: Buying Irish Whiskey in Germany

Irish whiskey is a spirit that’s known around the world. From Jameson and Bushmills to Paddy and Tullamore Dew, Irish whiskeys are available just about everywhere. However, if you’re on vacation in Germany and looking for some fine Irish whiskey, then you’ll need to know where to look. As it turns out, there are plenty of places to find good Irish whiskey in Germany—from pubs to supermarkets!

Ireland’s export of whiskey is near the top

Ireland is the world’s largest exporter of whiskey, with 80 percent of its output exported to over 100 countries. The country also produces almost 1 billion liters (264 million gallons) annually, which is more than double what Scotland produces. Irish whiskey has become a global brand since it was first produced in 1779 by Arthur Guinness at his brewery in Dublin. It has since become one of Ireland’s most important exports and a symbol for Irish culture worldwide.

As you can see from this information, there are many reasons why people want to buy Irish whiskey abroad!

Finding Irish whiskey in Germany

Buy Irish Whiskey in Germany. German people love Irish whiskey, and so do the Irish, Americans and Australians. Even British people enjoy a drop or two of their favorite drink on St. Patrick’s Day!

So how can you find Irish Whiskey in Germany? You could go to an Irish pub or restaurant–but they’re not always easy to find outside of big cities like Berlin or Hamburg (and if you do find one it might be full of tourists). It’s also possible that some grocery stores carry bottles from Jameson or Bushmills–but don’t get your hopes up too high here either: most German supermarkets tend not have much room for speciality items like this because space is at such a premium.

However there are still plenty of ways for lovers of fine spirits (Irish whiskey included) who live abroad access their favorite brands without having them shipped from home each month via regular mail services such as UPS/FedEx Express Mail International Service Package Program which has been operating since 1999 – but only under certain conditions:

Some Irish Whiskey Brands to Look for in Germany

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Irish whiskey is extremely popular in Germany. It’s not uncommon for a bar in Berlin or Munich to have an entire shelf dedicated solely to this spirit. Some of the most common brands you’ll see are Jameson, Powers, Bushmills and Redbreast.

If you’re looking for something extra special (and expensive), try Teeling Whiskey from Dublin or Tullamore Dew from County Offaly that’s made with malted barley imported directly from Europe! Or check out Green Spot if you want something less expensive but still very tasty. If you’re feeling adventurous try Kilbeggan or Knappogue Castle – they’re great options too!

A Blend of the Best of Two Worlds

When you’re drinking Irish whiskey, you’re experiencing the best of two worlds. The first is that of Ireland, where the spirit was born and perfected over generations. The second is that of Scotland, whose distillers brought their own techniques to Ireland and helped create a new kind of whiskey by blending malted barley with unmalted grain–a technique that made it possible for Irish distillers to make their product year-round instead of only when there was enough grain available during harvest season.

Irish whiskeys are traditionally aged in oak barrels; this gives them their distinct flavor profile and color as well as contributing to their smoothness on your palate. A good blend will also have a rich complexity (you’ll notice this especially if you’ve ever had an older bottle) thanks to its long aging process–think about how many different flavors come together when cooking something like beef stew!

Irish whiskeys are well-known around the world.

Irish whiskeys are well-known around the world. They’re a popular gift to bring back from your travels, or an affordable way to get rid of your travel money.

In Germany, Irish whiskey is one of the most popular drinks among tourists and locals alike. You’ll find it at almost every bar, restaurant and supermarket across Germany–and for good reason!


Irish whiskey is a wonderful drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. Its smooth taste and unique flavor make it perfect for any occasion, whether you’re drinking alone or with friends. If you’re looking for something new to try on your next trip abroad, then look no further than Ireland’s finest export!