How to Easily Merge PDFs Online for Free

adobe pdf merge online

PDFs are great for sharing documents while preserving formatting. However, sometimes you need to combine multiple PDFs into one file. Traditionally this required buying specialized software, but nowadays there are free online tools that make merging PDFs quick and easy. In this blog post, I’ll review the top services for adobe pdf merge online so you can simplify working with PDFs.

What is a PDF File?

Before looking at online merger tools, let’s briefly go over what PDF files are. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and as the name suggests, it is designed to share documents without worrying about what software or operating system the receiver is using. When you print a file to PDF, it preserves text, images, and formatting. PDFs display exactly as intended no matter who views them.

The downside is that PDF files are “read-only” – unlike Word documents or text files, you normally cannot edit PDF content after creation without specialized or paid software. This limitation is what made tasks like combining multiple PDFs so complicated in the past.

Why Merge PDF Files?

There are plenty of reasons you may want to know how to merge PDFs:

  • Combine related documents together into one file for easier sharing or organization
  • Append newly scanned pages to an existing digital document
  • Pull together multiple forms or agreements into a single PDF package for convenience
  • Mix pages from different sources into one file for a proposal or presentation

The key benefit of merging PDFs is it saves you the hassle of maintaining separate files or printing and scanning multi-page documents in the correct order.

Top Services for adobe pdf merge online

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some of the best free online PDF merger options. I’ll also briefly touch on two popular paid tools, Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement.


PDFBear is a 100% free and easy-to-use PDF tool that lets you combine up to 20 files at once. It works right in your web browser – there is nothing install – and supports drag-and-drop uploads for convenience.

The clean interface walks you through the process step-by-step. Once uploaded, you can reorder pages via drag-and-drop as well. PDFBear merges the files almost instantly. Other handy features include:

  • Compressing output file to reduce size
  • Password protecting the output PDF
  • Custom header/footer support
  • Multi-language interface

PDFBear hits all the right notes as a quick, free solution for occasional PDF merging needs.


ILovePDF markets itself as an “online PDF toolbox” and merge tool is one of its many capabilities. The website has a slick design and provides additional power user features like:

  • Merge up to 250 files at once
  • Split large PDFs into individual files
  • Randomize or reverse order of pages
  • Compress, rotate, unlock PDFs and more

Like PDFBear, everything happens right in the browser through file uploads and intuitive controls. ILovePDF delivers instant results and is suitable whether you have 2 PDFs or 200 to combine. The only downside is it maxes out at 250 pages per merged file.

Don’t let the dated webpage design fool you – PDFMerge is a capable, lightning-fast merging tool. Drag-and-drop uploading makes the process very user friendly. It combines PDFs rapidly even with large or high page count files.

PDFMerge skips the fancy extras and focuses on 1 thing: combining PDFs seamlessly. A few key highlights:

  • Merge an unlimited number of PDFs
  • Arrange individual page order before merging
  • Add or delete unwanted pages
  • Download merged PDF or share via link

If you have a ton of files to merge or require fine-tuned control over page order, PDFMerge has all the power you need.

Smallpdf positions itself as an all-around PDF solution, but their merge tool is top-notch. You’ll find it fast, intuitive, capable of handling over 100 documents simultaneously. Benefit highlights include:

Unlimited uploads and PDF size
Rearrange individual pages freely Download merged file or share via link Add security password/permissions

Smallpdf also makes labelling and organizing files easier by letting you apply colours categories. If you like having everything tidy and accessible in one place, it’s an ideal service.

Adobe Acrobat Online Services

Adobe Acrobat is by far the best known name in PDF software. The full Acrobat Pro desktop app provides advanced editing, conversion, security and page management functionality. However, for straightforward PDF merging and working with PDF forms, Adobe’s online services may suit your needs for an affordable price.

Key features of Acrobat online services include:

  • Combine up to 100 PDF files
  • Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to fillable PDF forms
  • Send documents for eSignatures
  • Add comments and feedback in the browser
  • Index and search PDF content

If you want additional capabilities like editable fields, searchability and eSigning, Adobe’s online plan provides tremendous value. Yet it starts at double the cost of competitors at $14.99 monthly.

PDF element

For those who work with PDFs daily, PDFelement by Wondershare hits a sweet spot between full Acrobat Pro and online only services. Reasonably priced at $79 for home use, key perks include:

  • Merge unlimited PDFs quickly
  • Fully edit and convert PDF files
  • OCR technology makes scanned PDFs selectable and searchable
  • Recognizes handwriting and signatures
  • Multiplatform support across devices, browsers and operating systems

I suggest evaluating the online and free PDF merger options first. But PDFelement delivers robust capabilities for intensive business or personal PDF usage at an affordable one-time cost.

Choosing the Right PDF Merger Workflow

With so many PDF options, how do you determine the best choice? Here are key questions to ask yourself:

How often do you need to combine PDFs? If it’s infrequent, stick to free online tools. But if daily merging is essential to your productivity, explore PDFelement or Acrobat for the added capabilities.

Do you also need to edit PDF content? The full Acrobat Pro or PDFelement desktop apps allow far greater manipulation or enhancement of merged documents.

Does searchability, form filling or esigning matter? Again, Adobe or PDFelement excel here compared to basic online merge tools.

Does crossplatform ease-of-use sound helpful? If you prefer an integrated solution on desktop, mobile and web for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, think PDFelement or Adobe cloud services.

As you can see, online PDF mergers like PDFBear or ILovePDF provide plenty of lightweight punch for most casual users. But for daily business use, more capable options let you consolidate tools and really master your PDF workflow.

The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. Luckily, the free online services pose no risk to try out. So why not experiment first before paying extra down the road only to find something simpler suits you perfectly?


PDF documents are essential in the digital workplace, but handling multiple files piecemeal can cause frustration. That’s why online PDF merger tools have become invaluable for combining and organizing files while retaining original formatting. Thanks to friendly interfaces and integration with cloud storage, anyone can effortlessly master the basics of PDF merging at no cost.

Yet for advanced functionality like editing, OCR, form creation and more – along with the convenience of centralized management across desktop and mobile – premium options such as Adobe Acrobat or PDFelement unlock even greater potential. Ultimately there is a PDF solution fit for any use case or level of expertise nowadays.

I encourage you to explore multiple PDF tools hands-on, identifying the right balance of functionality vs cost effectiveness to elevate your unique workflow. With the surge of intuitive online apps and affordable yet robust desktop software, implementing an enhanced PDF regimen is easier today than ever before.

So try out a couple PDF merging options from this post right away. You’ll swiftly organize unwieldy documents into simple, professional-looking files ready for downstream use. And in the process you’ll gain peace of mind and hours saved to devote attention elsewhere thanks to streamlined PDF management.