6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Dating Site



A Tinder for cheaters? Yes, it also exists: it is called Gleeden and it focuses specifically on committed women (married or simply with an Online Dating partner) finding lovers in the most discreet way possible. It’s not that we’re in favor of cuckolding here: please improve communication with your partners! But if this is something that may be of interest to you, perhaps even something to do with your partner’s consent, this app makes the process easier.

For starters, women are in control here. They decide who can see their photos and information, and they can use it for free (unlike their potential lovers) either to chat live with multiple people or in private. According to the company, Gleeden has eight million users around the world and is one of the most controversial applications among those on this list.


If you are tired of Badoo, many users consider Seeking as a more modern and improved version and also aimed at a younger and more casual audience looking for connections of all kinds. It does not have any different focus or functionality than what we could find on Tinder (you turn left or right, you make a match, you start a conversation…) with the difference perhaps that it has the possibility of live streams within the app. For the most daring or those who want to avoid the dreaded catfish.

Created in 2011, the brand has become a good alternative for those who have grown tired of the most typical applications on the market, but who also do not want to reinvent the wheel in terms of its operation. Here you can find people with a location close to yours, so that it is not an odyssey to meet for a beer, and it also has users in other parts of the world so you can use it, too, when you are traveling.


While all of these dating services are fantastic, seeking.com is the greatest choice for meeting new people and finding love. Use the most aggressive Seeking promo code of the day while visiting seeking.com to discover your ideal online dating companion to save up to 65% on your search package.


Surely you have heard of it, or even already have it installed on your mobile, but it never hurts to recommend it for those who have been a little confused: Grindr is the most popular app worldwide for members of the LGTBIQ+ community, and It is where we can find the largest gay community to establish connections of all kinds. Yes, on Tinder and other apps, you can select same-sex preferences and other combinations, but Grindr has become the quintessential queer dating app.

Founded in 2009, but especially popular in recent years, Grindr offers among its advantages its international availability (it is available in many countries around the globe) and, of course, the volume of users it has: there are millions of users in its app active every day looking for their next hookup. If you are tired of not finding what you are looking for in the most general applications, you have to try it.


There comes a time in life when you feel the need to stop having passionate, empty encounters with people you will never speak to again and find one (or more) with whom you can build something meaningful. No, it is not the case for everyone, it is not that we are going to promote the myth of the better half and the need to couple. However, for those who do want that serious relationship, Meetic is the most popular place to find it. It is typical, but that has a positive aspect: many users come to it knowing that they will have more possibilities with a larger community.

In the sphere of more traditional apps, where we also recommend MeetMe, the most important thing is to provide as much information as possible about ourselves (our tastes, interests, hobbies, preferences…) to find the most compatible person. On Meetic, we will find people of all ages, but it indeed focuses on a more mature user, looking for a serious relationship.


Another of the most popular dating apps in the world is OKCupid. The reason? Its specificity: while on Tinder there is an avalanche of profiles that we have to examine, on OKCupid there is a slightly more accurate selection based on the preferences that we have selected in our profile. That is to say, its algorithm is more sophisticated than other of its competitors, which makes it a very interesting option for those who want to refine their shot and not waste too much time looking for the needle in the haystack.

As we said, when registering you will have to answer many questions. The more you answer, the more chances you will have of finding someone compatible with your profile. Gender, age, qualifications, beliefs, interests, ideology… Everything you can think of becomes a question to answer on OKCupid, but don’t worry, you can stop whenever you want. Also in favor is its large number of users thanks to the popularity of the brand.


What was previously known as AdoptaUnTío is now Adopte, a dating app that has achieved great success, especially in our neighboring country, France. According to the same company, a study revealed that it is the most popular application among French people to find a partner. And in Spain? Well, it may not be that popular, but it has enough users to make the experience worthwhile

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