Extend the Life of Your Press On Nails: 7 Clever Hacks to Save Money

reuse press on nails

Getting regular manicures can take a big bite out of your budget. Quality press on nails offer a more affordable alternative, but they still add up over time. Luckily, with the right care and storage, you can reuse press on nails more than once!

By implementing a few clever reuse hacks, your press on nails can last even longer. Keep reading to discover 7 genius ways you can save money and get more mileage from your manicure.

Can You Reuse Press On Nails?

Can you reuse press on nails? The short answer – yes! As long as the nails are still in good condition, reusing press on nails is totally safe and doable.

Press on nails are designed for multiple applications. The key is removing them properly after each use and storing them with care between wears.

Follow these simple rules of thumb for safe press on nail reuse:

  • Avoid peeling nails off, as this can cause damage
  • Use nail glue remover or warm water to gently loosen the adhesive
  • Check nails for cracks or excessive wear before reusing
  • Store nails properly in the original container or a sealable bag

As long as you follow smart removal and storage methods, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy press on nails more than once!

7 Genius Hacks to Reuse Press On Nails

Want your glam press on manicure to last even longer? Employ these 7 savvy reuse hacks.

1. Invest in Quality Glue

The key to press on longevity lies in maximum adhesion. Be sure to use a high-quality nail glue formulated specifically for press on nails each time you reuse them. Avoid superglues or school glues, as these won’t adhere as strongly.

Using quality nail glue helps the nails stay put securely during wear for easy removal and replacement between uses.

2. Remove Glue Residue

Before reapplying press on nails, thoroughly remove any leftover nail glue or residue from the last application. Scrape off all traces of old adhesive using a cuticle pusher, nail file, or orange stick.

Get rid of all the old glue so the nails can adhere properly and avoid lifting or popping off prematurely.

3. File Nails Gently

Lightly buff the underside of the press on nails with a fine-grit nail file or gentle sanding band. This roughs up the surface so the new glue can grip better.

Be very gentle while filing to avoid excessive thinning that could cause breakage. Just a few light swipes is all it takes.

4. Clean Nails and Nail Beds

Wash your natural nails thoroughly with soap and water before reusing press ons. Remove any lingering oil, lotion, or debris that could impede bonding.

You can also use an alcohol pad or nail dehydrator to eliminate oils and prep nails for ideal adhesion.

5. Avoid Water Exposure

Exposure to moisture is the #1 cause of press on nails lifting or falling off prematurely. Be extra vigilant about keeping nails dry when reusing a set.

Wear rubber gloves for wet tasks, avoid long soaks in water, and reapply glue around the edges as needed.

6. Re-glue Edges

Pay special attention to re-gluing the side walls and nail tips each time you reuse press ons. These high-movement areas face extra wear and are prone to lifting or peeling.

Reinforce the edges with each application for enhanced durability and longevity.

7. Store Nails Properly

The way you store press on nails between uses is crucial for reuse success. Keep them safe in the original product packaging or a sealable plastic bag.

Storing nails improperly can lead to warping, breakage, and other damage that shortens reuse potential.

Follow Aftercare Tips

Caring properly for press ons while wearing them also promotes reuse. Avoid picking at nails, use cuticle oil to hydrate nail beds, and protect hands from impact, bumps, and scratches.

Gently file away any lifts in the glue rather than risk ripping nails off completely. Follow all the standard press on aftercare rules, and they’ll stay stunning for longer.

Know When to Call It Quits

While you can reuse quality press on nails several times, they won’t last forever. Signs it’s time to retire a set for good include:

  • Multiple broken or cracked nails
  • Cloudiness, yellowing, or other discoloration
  • Warping or changes in shape
  • Thinning or structural weaknesses

Retire individual nails as needed, or toss the whole set once multiple nails show excessive wear. Safety should always come before saving money!

Enjoy Affordable, Long-Lasting Manicures

Follow these clever reuse hacks, and your favorite press on nails can bring you weeks of wear rather than days. With the right removal method, prep, storage, and TLC, you can reuse press ons again and again.

Why waste money on new sets when a few simple steps let you safely extend the life of press ons? Put these tips into action for affordable, gorgeous nails anytime.