The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions

Are you planning to get eyelash extensions but afraid of its consequences? This article is about the pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions. Read it and decide!

Eyelash Extensions

What Is An Eyelash?

An eyelash is a hair that grows on the top and bottom of our eyelids. Eyelashes protect our eyes from debris, dust, small particles, and other other things that can harm our eyes. When an object is near to our eyes, it reflexively closes. Eyelashes are also integrated components of our physical attractiveness. 

What Is Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions are semi-prominent fibers that are glued to natural eyelashes to make them look longer, darker, and thicker, increasing your attractiveness. Purelash Black Label and eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes are two options that can be used to apply eyelash extension. But how does it work? To find out, read below:


How Are Eyelash Extensions Attached?

To attach false eyelashes to your natural eyelashes, a trained professional follows these steps:

  1. There are three types of lash extensions: natural lashes, full-volume lashes, and individual lashes. So, first of all, your eyelash specialist discusses which lash extension type you want to go with. It includes picking the fiber- synthetic, silk, and faux mink- the length and the curl type. Your natural features and how your natural lashes look will determine the final decision. If you can and are comfortable, you can still pick thick and fluttery eyelash options.
  2. Next, the technician applies false lashes over your natural lashes with a tiny tweezer-like tool. Applying each false lash over the natural lash requires a lot of focus and duration. It can take 90-180 minutes. 
  3. The process begins with a pulled-back approach. This is the first round, and after this technician goes for a touchup of any bald spots, this is the second round. 


As you have read how eyelash extensions are applied, you may have some idea about their pros and cons. Let’s read below for a better understanding.

The Pros Of Eyelash Extension

Speeding Up Your Makeup Routine

Going out with false eyelashes will require you to stick them, curl them, and finish with mascara daily and you will need to spend an extra 10-20 minutes. Eyelash extension doesn’t require this and can save you time. 

They Can Replace Other Eye Makeup

Eyelashes can be worn on their own. They provide eyes with a wakening effect, dragging attention away from eye bags and dark spots. Women prefer eyelash extensions because of this advantage, too. This eliminates the requirement of cleaning eye makeup at night time. 

They Avoid Mascara Mishaps

Females mostly mess up with mascara while applying makeup on their pretty faces. There is a high chance that while cleaning up smudges, clumps, and flakes, you dirty up the applied makeup on your eye area. Eyelash extension avoids it completely,  eliminating your concerns. 

They are customizable

Before applying eyelash extensions, you can talk to your specialist about how you want your eyelashes to look, which is the main concern with your natural lashes. You can discuss all of your concerns, e.g. do you want length, volume, fullness, and is it a one-in-lifetime event and other questions. Your specialist will help you choose the perfect one for your needs that will enhance the beauty of your eyes. 

24*7 Beauty for eyes

The lash extension treatment delivers voluminous lashes to you all day, every day. If done correctly, it can look fabulous, giving you a remarkable image in front of others 

Virtually waterproof

Specialists advise you to not wet them for 48 hours, but after this duration, you can shower or even swim wearing them. 

The ConsOf Eyelash Extensions

They Are A Little Expensive

Eyelash extensions can cost you anywhere from $96 to $180. It depends on the type of extension and the experience of the technician. Apart from that, you also have to go for a touchup every 2-3 weeks. Since these are false eyelashes, they can shed easily, and a good quality replacement can cost you up to $84. 

Quite uncomfortable

Eyelashes may be lightweight, but wearing them all the time can be a little uncomfortable. Especially novices who don’t have experience with makeup or individuals with sensitive eyes, or dry eyes. They may struggle a lot in lash games.  


Eyelash extensions can deliver beautiful lashes and grow your beauty, but they can harm your natural lashes. Novices and individuals with sensitive eyes or dry eyes are especially warned before using false lashes.