What kind of strollers are safe for newborns?

What kind of strollers are safe for newborns?

If you are expecting a newborn, you may be wondering for a stroller that’s safe for your little one. Stroller helps your baby comfortably and safely while also carrying your essentials and enjoying your outings. However, not all strollers suit newborns, as they have different requirements than older babies and toddlers.

Let’s explain what kinds of strollers are safe for newborns and what features you should look while choosing newborn strollers.

What Types of Strollers Are Safe for Newborns?

Newborns need to lie flat or at an angle for proper breathing and spinal development. Therefore, the stroller type is most important for newborns.

Travel System:

It’s a type of stroller with a detachable infant car seat that can be attached to the stroller’s frame. Travel systems provide an ease to transfer your baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa. A travel system can also save you money and space.

All-in-one Travel System:

This type of stroller takes the ease of a travel system to the next level by offering multiple configurations. It often includes additional features like bassinet mode, car seat mode, or toddler seat mode. It can be used for newborns, providing a flat, comfortable surface for your baby to lie on during walks.

Combination Strollers:

These are versatile and can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. We have various seating options for newborns, as well as an upright position as your child grows. Reclining seat can also help you see your baby’s face and vice versa. It can enhance your bonding and communication.

Features You Need To Check:

Some of the features that you should look for in a stroller for your newborn are:

Soft padding:

Soft padding is a feature that provides cushioning and comfort for your baby’s body, especially their head, neck, and back. Soft padding can protect your baby from bumps and shocks and keep them warm. Look for a baby stroller that has soft padding on the seat, the harness, the headrest, and the bumper bar. You can also look for a stroller that has removable and washable padding so you can keep it clean and fresh.

Five-point harness:

A five-point harness is a feature that secures your baby in the stroller with five straps: two over the shoulders, two around the waist, and one between the legs. A five-point harness can prevent your baby from slipping or falling out of the stroller, and distribute the pressure evenly over their body. Look for a stroller that has a five-point harness that is adjustable, easy to buckle and unbuckle, and padded for comfort.

Quality wheels:

Quality wheels are a feature that affects the smoothness and stability of the stroller’s ride. Quality wheels can also help you manoeuvre the stroller easily and safely and cope with different terrains and surfaces. Look for a stroller that has quality wheels that are durable, shock-absorbing, and swiveling. You can also look for a stroller that has lockable wheels, so you can park the stroller securely.

Sun canopy:

The stroller should have a sun canopy to protect your baby from the sun and rain. Sun canopy can also provide shade and privacy for your baby and reduce glare and noise. Look for a stroller that has a large and extendable sun canopy that can cover most or all of the seat.


A bassinet is a device that attaches to the stroller’s frame and provides a flat and cozy sleeping space for your baby. A bassinet can also be detached from the stroller and used as a portable crib or carrier.

Stroller basket:

A stroller basket is a feature that provides storage space for your baby’s and your essentials, such as diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys, keys, wallet, phone, etc. A stroller basket can help you organize and access your items easily, and reduce the need for extra bags or backpacks. Look for a stroller that has a spacious and sturdy stroller basket that can hold a reasonable amount of weight.

Washable fabric:

A washable fabric is a feature that allows you to remove and clean the stroller’s fabric, either by machine or by hand. This can help you keep the stroller hygienic and fresh and prevent stains, odours, and germs.


In this blog, we have discussed what kinds of strollers are safe for newborns and what features you should look for when choosing a stroller for your newborn. We have explained the benefits of travel systems, all-in-one travel systems, and combination strollers, as well as the importance of soft padding, five-point harness, quality wheels, sun canopy, bassinet, stroller basket, and washable fabric. We hope that this blog has helped you understand the different types of strollers and their features and that you can find the best newborn stroller. Remember, a stroller is not just a device but a companion for you and your baby, so choose wisely and enjoy your journey together.