What documents are needed for Qatar Airways?

documents for Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cheap Flights have laws and limitations. You must follow the airline and destination travel policies when booking a seat on the airline large global network. So having all the necessary travel documentation is key.

The documents needed depend on your travel route destination fare class and departure destination. Qatar Airways travel documentation are explained here.

A valid passport

Qatar Airways flights passengers must have a passport. As the most important document for international travel your passport must be valid for at least six months.  To avoid travel issues renew your passport before boarding your aircraft if its validity is shorter than that.


Each Qatar Airways passenger has different visa requirements

  • Travel route.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport.
  • Destination.

Some countries can enter Qatar without a visa but others need one. Do your research and get a visa if needed. Qatar visa types include;

  1. Tourist visa.
  2. Work or business visa.
  3. Family visa.

Ticket and Boarding Pass

Next to a passport and visa passengers need a copy of their pre booked flight ticket and boarding permit. It can be printed or electronic. If you check in online you must also get a boarding card and show it to airline workers when boarding or as needed.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is optional but recommended for trip cancellations medical situations and lost luggage. Providing peace of mind.

Health Related Documents

Medical issues or health assistance require a certified certificate from a recognized medical establishment. To provide a safe healthy airline flight and prompt medical assistance in an emergency.


A secondary ID is a plus for overseas travel but your passport is your primary ID. It can be a driver license national ID or PR card from your current location.

Customs Declarations

Because some nations need customs declaration forms to list all items your bringing into the country including duty-free purchases you must get a permission for carrying restricted or uncommon items.

Travel Itinerary

You can also maintain a copy of your travel itinerary including flight and hotel information for safety and reference.

Parental Consent Form

Bringing a child who doesn’t share your last name or isn’t yours requires a parental consent document signed by the child legal guardian to avoid immigration complications.

Qatar Airways requires these documents. You must have a Qatar Airways baggage allowance paperwork purchased in advance to increase your baggage allotment.