Universities For A Financial Literacy Course In Alabama

Financial Literacy Course In Alabama

Are you an Alabama resident facing financial challenges? Do you want to learn how to achieve financial freedom? This article will help you deliver the universities that provide financial courses. Read and pick one to pursue a financial literacy course in Alabama, but first take a look at what is financial literacy, and why is it important. To know, read below:

What Is A Financial Literacy?

The financial word refers to something that is finance/money related and literacy means the ability to write and read, or knowledge in specified area. Hence, financial literacy means knowledge in the financial field.

The Importance Of Financial Literacy

Before going for a financial literacy course in Alabama, let’s understand why it is important. Financial literacy helps you achieve financial freedom. If you know the financial field only,  you can enjoy some financial freedom. To learn about the financial field you must study financials. But how do you study financials? Read below for the answer:

What Is A Financial Literacy Course?

Like other education courses, a financial literacy course helps you learn the financial field. There are numerous financial courses. Below are courses available in Alabama. Read and pick one university for a Financial Literacy Course in Alabama that suits your requirements:

  1. V.T.U. (Vibe Tribe University)

Mr. Kenny Brown founded the Vibe Tribe University (VTU) in 2019, offering a wide array of educational opportunities. One such course is the Money Smart program, a comprehensive financial education course available exclusively at VTU. What sets this course apart is its inclusivity – regardless of your age or educational background, you can pursue it. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college, or an experienced adult, the Money Smart program is designed to cater to your specific needs. With four separate development tracks, this course covers everything from beginner-level concepts to advanced techniques. The curriculum is tailored to different grade levels based on age, ensuring the most effective and appropriate learning experience. If you’re looking to enhance your financial literacy in Alabama, there’s no better option than VTU. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your money management skills – enroll in the Money Smart program today!

  1. The University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama, established in 1820, opened its doors to students in 1831. With a ranking of 801-1000 in the category of World University Ranking, it is a reputable institution. If you are looking for a financial literacy course in Alabama, this university has you covered. Offering two courses, a bachelor’s in Consumer Science and a master’s in Consumer Science, it provides a comprehensive education. Not only will these courses equip you with the necessary knowledge, but they also fulfill the educational prerequisites for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) exams. Moreover, the University of Alabama offers the convenience of online learning, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of flexibility while still earning a degree that is considered equivalent to one earned on campus.

  1. Troy University

Troy University was founded on February 26, 1887, and it was called Troy State Normal School at that time. Here, you will get the Accounting and Finance Global Business Degree, which will make you eligible to work as a financial manager, accountant, auditor, financial and investment analyst, etc. You can go for an industry, government, or a not-for-profit organization. TROY’s Sorell Colleg of Business will develop your skills for a successful life. Specifically, TROY offers a financial literacy course in Alabama that you can surely go for..

  1. Auburn University

On 7 February 1856, Auburn University established itself. Previously known as the East Alabama Male College, this University holds the rank of #93 among 439 other National Universities. With over 24,600 undergraduates and more than 30,000 enrollments, Auburn University offers a wide range of financial education courses. In fact, you won’t find just one, but several options to choose from. These include FINC 2400 Personal Finance, FINC 3010 Professional Development in Finance, FINC 3100 Fundamentals of Global Trade, and many other related courses. Whether you are interested in personal finance or global trade, Auburn University has the perfect financial literacy course for you. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge and enroll in one of these courses today.

  1. Samford University

The institution, originally named Harward College, transformed and now goes by the name Brock School of Business. The university was established in 1841. Here, students network with employers at the annual department career night and gain insights into finance internships. Additionally, graduates excel in financial planning/advising, investment management, commercial real estate, and banking. Furthermore, consider enrolling in a financial education course in Alabama.


There are lots of universities delivering a first-class financial literacy course in Alabama to you. You can choose anyone with your preferences to achieve financial freedom and enjoy life.   

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