What is the Jacket Rip Wears in Yellowstone?

What is the Jacket Rip Wears in Yellowstone?


When it comes to iconic TV shows, “Yellowstone” stands out not only for its gripping storyline but also for the distinctive fashion choices of its characters. Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, is known for his rugged yet stylish attire. One item, in particular, has caught the attention of viewers – the jacket Rip wears Yellow Stone Jacket Collection. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this jacket and explore the style it represents.

Unveiling Rip’s Jacket

The Iconic Piece

Rip Wheeler’s jacket is a central element of his character’s style. It’s a rugged, well-worn, and weathered leather jacket that reflects the tough and resilient persona he embodies. The distressed look of the jacket tells a story of a hardworking ranch hand, and it’s become a symbol of his character’s strength.

Leather: The Material of Choice

Rip’s jacket is crafted from genuine leather. This choice of material not only adds to the jacket’s durability but also contributes to its timeless and classic appearance. Leather jackets have long been associated with a sense of rebellion and adventure, making them a perfect fit for Rip’s character.

The Zippered Front

One distinctive feature of Rip’s jacket is the zippered front. This not only provides a practical element by keeping him warm on the Yellowstone Ranch but also adds a touch of modern style to the rugged piece.

The Appeal of Rip’s Style

Rugged Elegance

Rip’s jacket perfectly encapsulates the idea of rugged elegance. It’s a mix of tough ranch hand and urban chic, making it versatile enough to wear both on the ranch and in town. This combination of style and functionality is a key element of Rip’s appeal.

Character Development

Rip’s wardrobe, particularly his jacket, plays a role in character development. It signifies his connection to the land, his resilience, and his loyalty. The jacket isn’t just clothing; it’s a symbol of his identity and values.

Where to Find Rip’s Jacket

If you’re a fan of Rip’s style and want to add a similar jacket to your wardrobe, you’re in luck. Several fashion brands offer jackets inspired by Rip’s iconic look. You can find options in various price ranges, allowing you to embrace this rugged yet stylish style statement.

**Rip Wheeler’s jacket in “Yellowstone” goes beyond being a mere wardrobe choice; it’s a character in its own right. The distressed leather and rugged appearance reflect not just Rip’s personality but also the unforgiving environment of the Yellowstone Ranch. The worn-in look, complete with scuffs and imperfections, tells a story of a man who’s no stranger to hard work and the challenges of the wild.

What makes Rip’s jacket even more appealing is its versatility. It effortlessly transitions from the harsh outdoors of the Montana ranch to the more urban settings, making it a fashion statement for those who appreciate both the grit of the wilderness and the style of a well-fitted leather jacket.

This classic leather jacket also embodies the timeless appeal of leather itself. Leather jackets have been a symbol of rebellion and adventure for generations, and Rip’s choice to wear one ties him to a legacy of rugged individualism. The zippered front adds a modern touch, making it a well-rounded fashion piece.

While finding the exact jacket Rip wears on the show might be challenging, there are many options available for those who want to capture his distinctive style. Numerous brands offer similar jackets that allow fans to embrace the essence of Rip Wheeler, making it a staple in the world of TV fashion.


Rip Wheeler’s jacket in “Yellowstone” is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of character, style, and storytelling. Its rugged elegance, choice of material, and zippered front make it an iconic piece in the world of TV fashion.


Q1: Is Rip’s jacket available for purchase?

While you can find jackets inspired by Rip’s style, the exact jacket worn on the show may not be commercially available.

Q2: What type of leather is typically used for jackets like Rip’s?

Jackets like Rip’s are often made from cowhide leather, known for its durability and rugged appearance.

Q3: Are there women’s versions of Rip’s jacket?

Yes, many brands offer similar styles in women’s sizes, allowing fans of Rip’s look to embrace it regardless of gender.

Q4: Does the jacket have any specific symbolism on the show?

The jacket symbolizes Rip’s character traits, including strength, resilience, and loyalty to the Yellowstone Ranch.

Q5: What are some other fashion elements that define Rip’s style?

Apart from the jacket, Rip is often seen in denim, plaid shirts, and rugged boots, contributing to his distinctive style.