Earth Kratom: A Review of Their Strains and Potency Levels

Earth Kratom: A Review of Their Strains and Potency Levels

Kratom has become increasingly popular in recent years, both for its potential therapeutic benefits as well as recreational use. One of the most well-known kratom vendors is Earth Kratom. They offer a wide selection of kratom strains and products. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Earth Kratom and review some of their most potent kratom strains.

An Introduction to Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom is a Texas-based company that specializes in high quality kratom powder and extracts. They source their kratom from ethical and sustainable farms in Southeast Asia.

Some key facts about Earth Kratom:

  • Founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas
    • Ships to all states except Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin
  • Offers over 50 strains of kratom powder and capsules
  • Has enhanced kratom and kratom extract products
  • All lab tested for quality and safety

Earth Kratom is best known for their wide variety of strains. They categorize their kratom into three potency levels – mild, moderate, and potent. In the next sections, we’ll overview some of their top potent strains.

Earth Kratom’s Most Potent Strains

Here are some of the most potent kratom strains offered by Earth Kratom based on customer reviews and opinions:

Maeng Da

One of the most popular kratom strains, Maeng Da is known for its high alkaloid content which produces strong and stimulating effects. Earth Kratom has White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da varieties. At moderate-high doses, Maeng Da can provide a huge boost of energy and feelings of euphoria.

Bali Kratom

Red Bali kratom is a classic red vein strain that offers potent relaxing and sedating effects. It contains high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which gives it its sedative properties. Red Bali from Earth Kratom can help relieve pain, anxiety, and even help with opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Indo Kratom

Another staple kratom strain – the Indo family includes Super Indo as well as Red, White, and Green Indo varieties. The Indo strains are known for their mood-lifting qualities and ability to provide a range of effects depending on the dose. Of Earth Kratom’s Indo strains, Super Indo is likely the most potent.


Borneo kratom strains like Red and Green Borneo have a high concentration of alkaloids. They are known for their euphoric and relaxing effects. At higher doses, Borneo kratom can bring about feelings of contentment and positivity.

Horned Leaf Maeng Da

As a hybrid Maeng Da strain, Horned Leaf Maeng Da has a unique alkaloid profile that makes it more potent than typical Maeng Da. Some users report intense effects from Earth Kratom’s Horned Red and Green Maeng Da powders and enhanced products.

How to Find the Right Potency Level

With kratom, potency can vary quite a bit depending on the strain, vein color, region it’s grown in, and even the season. That’s why it’s important to start slowly when trying a new kratom strain from Earth Kratom or any vendor.

The potency level that is right for you will depend on several factors:

  • Your body weight and chemistry
  • Your tolerance level if you’re a regular kratom user
  • The effects you are looking for (stimulating, sedating, etc.)
  • Whether you have any pre-existing health conditions

When first using a strain, start with no more than 2 grams. Give it at least 30-45 minutes to kick in before considering taking more. Increase your dosage gradually in 0.5-1 gram increments. Always measure your doses carefully using a scale.

It’s advisable to limit kratom dosage to 8 grams or less per day, although low to moderate doses of 2-5 grams are more common. Track any side effects and adjust your dosage and strain accordingly.

Safely Using Potent Kratom Strains

While kratom is generally safe when used responsibly, potent strains do require extra care and caution:

  • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water before, during, and after using potent strains to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid combinations – Don’t mix potent kratom with medications, drugs, or alcohol.
  • Start low – Always start with a low dose to assess your tolerance.
  • Avoid driving – Potent kratom can cause dizziness or drowsiness for some people. Don’t drive or operate machinery when first using a new strain.
  • Take breaks – Avoid using kratom multiple days in a row to maintain potency and reduce the risk of building tolerance.

Using kratom irresponsibly can lead to dependence and withdrawal. But when used carefully, it can be an effective option for many.


With their wide selection of strains, Earth Kratom Wholesale is one of the best vendors to find potent kratom powders and products. Their strains like Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Borneo, and Horned Leaf Maeng Da are known for their high alkaloid content and robust effects. Start slowly with any new kratom strain and work your way up to find the right potency level for you. When used properly, potent kratom can provide many benefits.

FAQ about Earth Kratom’s Potent Strains

Q: Which Earth Kratom strain has the most potent painkilling effects?

A: Red Bali, Red Indo and Red Maeng Da are three of Earth Kratom’s most potent strains for pain relief. They contain abundant pain-fighting alkaloids.

Q: Can kratom strains from Earth Kratom provide a euphoric high?

A: Yes, potent strains like White Maeng Da and Green Malay can provide euphoric effects at moderate-high doses of 3-6 grams. However, kratom should be used responsibly.

Q: What is the most stimulating Earth Kratom strain?

A: White Maeng Da is likely their most stimulating and energizing kratom strain. White Indo and White Borneo are also very potent stimulating strains.

Q: Which Earth Kratom strains are best for anxiety?

A: Red Bali, Red Borneo and Bentuangie are top choices for anxiety relief due to their relaxing and sedative properties. Green Malaysian is also useful for alleviating anxiety.

Q: Are Earth Kratom’s extracts more potent than regular powder?

A: Yes, their extracts contain concentrated Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids, making them more potent by weight than powder. Start very low with extracts to assess tolerance.