Industrial Chic: Embracing the Raw and Edgy in Interior Design

Sleek raw and edgy interior design industrial style has become a red-hot trend in interior design. Urbanites especially love the raw, gritty vibe of exposed brick, weathered wood, distressed leather and metal accents. Industrial chic celebrates imperfection and authenticity in an age of mass production and artificial surfaces.

While the utilitarian aesthetic originated in rehabbed factories and warehouses, you don’t need an expansive loft to try industrial décor. Small touches blended into any setting, from modern to traditional, can add an urban edge. Here are tips for trying the industrial look at home.

Some Tips for Trying the Industrial look at Home

Exposed Brick Walls

Nothing says urban cool like distressed brickwork. While you can simply clean and highlight existing brick walls, faux finishes like overlays or paintable brick veneer create the look affordably. Leave patches stripped to expose sections in varied tones.

Weathered Woods

Salvaged wood with peeling paint, cracks, scratches and nail holes has timeworn appeal. Use reclaimed barn siding on walls or ceilings. Incorporate old floorboards as shelving. Fashion tables from antique wooden crates. Distressed woods add organic warmth to hard industrial edges.

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Metal Elements

Iron, steel and aluminum have structural roots but take on an edgy aesthetic in décor. Pipe shelving, commercial light fixtures, and metal strapping offer urban appeal. Frosted glass pendant lights hung from blackened chains create an industrial vibe. Use vintage machine parts as sculpture.

Concrete Accents

Concrete’s gray utilitarian vibe fits right into industrial style. Paint walls in cement tones or use faux concrete finishes. Incorporate concrete decorative tiles, planters or candleholders. Concrete table legs, counters or subway tile backsplashes add urban appeal. Create a modern mantel from a precast concrete beam.

Leather Furnishings

Distressed leather sofas, chairs and ottomans look right at home in industrial spaces. Leather’s earthy texture and worn patina contrast beautifully with sleek metal and weathered wood. Tufted leather adds softness to an edgy interior design uae. Top tables with leather tops made from vintage belts.

Open Shelving

Built-in shelving of salvaged wood, black pipe, cinder blocks or galvanized steel has an urban warehouse look. Open bookshelves show clutter candidly. Use industrial materials like washers or pipes for bracket details. Leave shelving unfinished for a factory feel.

Vintage Signage

Vintage neon bar and diner signs, movie marquees, commercial logos and exposed lightbulbs add nostalgic urban character. Hang an old metal arrow. Mount individual metal letters spelling out an industrial phrase. Display a retro clock, factory cart or wheelchair.

Minimal Palette

Industrial interiors feature a muted color palette. Stick to black, white, gray, beige and weathered hues. Concrete floors, exposed ductwork and distressed brick provide an organic base. Add pops of color through accessories and plants.

Mixed-Media Furniture

Juxtapose industrial and earthy materials for a blend of hard and soft. Match a reclaimed wood dining table with steel legs and leather dining chairs. Combine a natural fiber area rug with a distressed leather sofa. Layer woodgrain, metal and concrete textures.

Urban Greenery

Plants bring life and softness to gritty décor. Group sculptural succulents in galvanized buckets. Display air plants in glass bulbs or terrariums. Add a living wall of leafy greenery. Place potted fruit trees in steel drum planters.

Found Object Art

Show creativity through found object arrangements. Assemble discarded items like railroad spikes, colorful glass bottles, metal washers, worn wooden blocks and industrial cogs into wall art.

Make a Style Statement

Industrial style brings edge to contemporary spaces and history to modern rooms. Don’t be afraid to expose imperfections that reveal authenticity. Contrast the hardness of metal and concrete with natural wood and greenery. Create a personalized look by mixing unexpected industrial and vintage details.


Industrial chic embraces the authenticity and grittiness of urban living. Exposed brick, weathered woods, distressed leather and metal elements blend raw textures that soften over time. Concrete, blackened steel and salvaged materials contrast with earthy wood and living greenery. Look the most beautiful raw and edgy interior design industrial style in your home. By thoughtfully incorporating industrial elements and playing with factory finishes, you can create unique interiors with an edgy, urban point of view. Industrial design’s bold imperfection and daring materials celebrate the passage of time.