How does YouTube Premium work? Cost, features, and more


Trying to narrow down your options from the vast number of available apps, services, and streaming platforms can daunting task. It’s the same deal when trying to use YouTube’s newest set of offerings. With over 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, it’s clear that Google’s 2005 video-hosting website is a huge success. As the service has grown in recent years to pursue new revenue streams, however, it has become increasingly complex.

You’ve probably heard the most about the newest YouTube product, YouTube Premium, but in recent years the company has also released YouTube Music, YouTube TV. The defunct YouTube Go, and now YouTube Premium. Find out what YouTube Premium is, how much it costs, and if it’s right for you in the following article if you’re confused.

Explain YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium, which was originally released in 2014 under the name “Music Key” before being renamed “YouTube Red” and then “YouTube Premium” to reflect its expanded functionality, is a paid subscription service offered by Google.

It is not a music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. Rather, it’s a comprehensive package that includes ad-free YouTube video and YouTube Music streaming, offline playback, and access to exclusive, paywalled content, all of which work together to make the service more enjoyable. (Most of these videos are made by popular YouTubers and internet personalities.)

How much does it cost to subscribe to YouTube?

You’re probably wondering, “OK, so how much does it cost?” after realizing that most videos on YouTube are actually free. Well, it’s now a little more expensive than it was at launch because of a recent price increase announcement.

After a youtube tv free trial promo code period of one month, the regular price of an individual plan is $14, rising by $2 in July 2023. YouTube also announced in October 2022 that the monthly cost of a family plan would rise from $18 to $23.

If you’re looking to save money but still want to share with your friends or real family, the family plan’s cap of six users makes it a great option.

YouTube Premium is available to students for $7 per month with annual verification of student status.

You can watch YouTube Originals without ads if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, and they’re available for free to everyone else. YouTube Originals are only available to Premium subscribers, but anyone can watch them for free with ads.

What does YouTube Premium include?

As was previously mentioned, YouTube Premium has many advantages. To make things easier, we’ll summarize them for you.

Without commercial interruptions

As was previously mention, a YouTube Premium subscription will make the site ad-free. Whether you’re using a desktop browser, a mobile device, or the YouTube Music app, you’ll see advertisements in the form of banners and videos. While the default ad load isn’t too heavy for most users, YouTube management has hinted that users who “use YouTube like a paid music service” may see more ads.

YouTube Premium subscribers can watch commercial-free on any of their devices, be it a computer, mobile phone, Roku, or other streaming media player.

YouTube Originals

You can no longer count on any new content to be label as “YouTube Originals” on the platform. However, YouTube Originals is still around with over 6.7 million subscribers and a wide variety of shows and videos.

Premium Music on YouTube

When you signed up for YouTube Premium, you also gained access to Google Play Music. However, YouTube Music now serves as Google’s sole music streaming service. You can listen to YouTube Music in high quality without ads or subscription fees when you sign up for YouTube Premium’s. Ad-free listening, offline access, and in-the-background mobile playback are just some of the features of YouTube Music Premium’s.

Background Play On Mobile

When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, videos will keep playing in the background even if you put your phone to sleep or switch to another app. This is a handy option for those who want to listen to music or podcasts but can’t find them elsewhere. Both the regular YouTube app and the music-specific YouTube app support it.

Offline Play-Back

With YouTube Premium, you can save videos (and entire playlists) for offline viewing. Which is great for long flights (or anytime you want to save mobile data or expect to have poor service). You’ll need a sizable amount of storage space, but you can avoid this to some extent by using the YouTube Music app to download songs instead of the standard YouTube app.

Do You Think Paying For YouTube Premium Is Worthwhile?

The worth of any given streaming service depends on the individual using it. If you don’t watch a lot of videos on YouTube. There’s no reason for you to pay for YouTube Premium, especially if you’re already subscribe to a music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music.

However, if you use YouTube frequently, subscribe to a few favorite creators, and try to take in as much original content as possible, the monthly cost of $12 may be worthwhile. After all, this is on par with what you’d pay for a more conventional streaming service. To further reduce costs, a $23 monthly family plan can shared by just two people.

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