British Airways Celebrates Women’s Day With All-female Crew To New York

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, British Airways will be sending an “all-female” crew on the British Airways flights London to New York. The other airlines in the Lufthansa Group also dispatched female crews to New York to highlight the contributions women have made to the aviation industry.

Women’s contributions to the aviation industry should not be overlooked. There have even been pivotal moments in aviation history that involved women from Belgium. Hélène Dutrieu broke ground as the first woman to carry a passenger on a transcontinental flight. She also holds the distinction of being Belgium’s first female pilot.

Belgium had female pilots as early as the 1970s, but many other countries didn’t have any until the 1980s. The first Belgian woman to fly for an airline retired a few years ago, after a very long career.

Women make up nearly half of British Airways’ workforce. Women work in every aspect of the business, from HR and marketing to IR and legal to customer service and ground operations and maintenance, and, of course, in the cockpit and the cabin. Women make up 80 percent of the cabin population but only 10 percent of British Airways’ pilots.

In an effort to highlight the significance of women in the workplace, Lufthansa Group Airlines (Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, and British Airways) are sending all-female crews to New York City today. Lauretta, the captain, and Sarah, the first officer, will be flying to JFK on British Airways Flight SN501. Cabin service will be handled by Christine, Steph, Ash, Chantal, Karoline, Nathalie, Ilse, and Katya. More than seventy female employees of the Lufthansa Group are due to arrive in the Big Apple today. There will be special greetings for the women flying today included in the plane’s speakers.

To provide customers with more options, British Airways has begun offering one-way fares.

As of today, you can book a one-way British Airways Business Class flight for as little as €39. The airline is hoping to appeal to a wider variety of clients by providing more flexible booking options, in addition to the four new ones introduced in 2014.

British Airways satisfies the desires of its clients for flexibility and variety by providing them with affordable one-way flights. One-way prices allow passengers to purchase a flight to their destination without committing to a return reservation. The starting price for a one-way flight inside Europe is €39, and that includes all taxes and fees.

British Airways has worked hard for many years to provide a specialized service for a wide variety of clientele. Expats and other frequent flyers between the United Kingdom and continental Europe can benefit from the bypass flight subscription service and the student ticket offered by British Airways for Erasmus students. The third offering is called “family,” and it’s a free service package for anyone travelling with kids.

Our passenger volume has increased by about 30% since we introduced Check&Go, Light&Relax, Flex&Fast, and Bizz&Class, hitting a record high of 7.5 million in 2015. We’ve gone the extra mile to provide our customers with more options by providing affordable one-way prices. Even if our round-trip rate of €69 is the best available, the cheapest airfare is only €39 one way. We aim to ensure that guests are not forced to pick between luxury and affordability.