Basic Setup Solutions For Linksys Device 

If you are facing the issue of slow Wi-Fi signals in your home or office take a guide for Setup. Linksys extenders are some of the best Wi-Fi range extenders available on the market today. But if either Linksys is left with no wifi sometimes then you need a guide.

Two Simple Methods Of Linksys Setup 

Yes, there are two methods of Linksys extenders. Number one is WPS Setup- This method requires the WPS button, and the second one is the Manual method Therefore, in the second there is no intervention like the WPS one. Just start with the Setup one by one. Let’s start with the latter process.

See The Easy Setup Through The Manual Procedure

The extender mostly works by the signal strength of the router. If the signal strength of the router would be good then, the extender automatically performs well. 

  1. First, look around for the wall extension, and after that connect the extender to it tightly. 
  2. Place the existing router and the main extender at a one-hand distance. 
  3. After that, connect the main device to the Linksys Ext’s networks. 
  4. Thereafter, open any browser and type the web address in the address window of the browser.
  5. A Linksys re7000 setup page will open up on your screen. 
  6. Consider the instructions on your screen step by step. 

So just enjoy seamless internet access on all the corners of your office and home.

Linksys Setup Of The Extender Through The WPS Process

Take a close look at your Linksys extender which is the Wireless Protected Setup or WPS Setup in a short form. Just in 1-2 minutes, you can enjoy high-speed internet with a configured extender. 

  1. In the beginning, attach the extender to the power extension.
  2. Then, make sure to connect the booster to the main router.
  3. After a while, press the WPS button first on the extender and then connect it to the internet.
  4. Now this is the correct time to press the same button on the router. 
  5. Wait for the LED to light stably green on the WPS button. 
  6. If the light is green it means the connection is also good.
  7. Finally, the connection is good. So you can place the extender in any direction.   

Note: This method was a simple push-button Setup. So Username and password are not necessary for this process.


Your Linksys Extender Networks Name For Configuration

On the Linksys Wifi Extender Setup page, various settings are there from which you can configure. The Wi-Fi network name SSID, Wi-Fi password, and security settings. You can also get suggestions of the location of your extender Linksys device and update its firmware if there are any available updates.

Connect Your Devices to the Extended Wi-Fi Network

Once you connect the Linksys Extender you can connect your devices to the extended Wi-Fi networks. It is very easy to search the Wi-Fi name of the Wi-Fi network name of your extender Linksys device. Once you find the network, connect to it using the new password that you set in step for your Network name (SSID).

Wi-Fi Configuration For Linksys Devices

Once you log in to the device you will find the configuration is not too tough. In this article, we will provide a number of tricks and tips for setting up a Linksys extender. But for that just follow the steps in a series. However, from the setup website, you can easily download the official Linksys app. You will be shocked to know that this web address also helps you to enroll in the Linksys account easily. The get started option will appear once you sign in. All emails and products will be sent to you as a result. The QR Code is also given along the router which is mostly available on the sides or the back of the device. Your simple setup is complete here.

Does VPN Significantly Affect Your Internet Speed?

VPNs are free apps that offer you good deeds but, at the same time, they will make your internet speed worse as well. If you are getting slow internet speed then, just disable the VPN. Additionally, you will see whether there is any immediate speed improvement in your internet. VPN helps in providing more secure privacy online, through which you will never be caught by internet thefts. Most VPN providers offer the fastest speed and have apps for Android and iPhone users, giving free trial periods to test. These services are much better at providing good internet speed, which enhances the security and privacy benefits. But the reason is not just this, you can use the Linksys re6400 setup additionally, to fix the issues in the internet and coverage as well.


We provide simple-to-use tips for the Linksys wifi extender setup. But, for enhanced tips or more help use our chat box.