Sure Ways to Score Your Next Read for FREE


You plan to buy a few worth-reading books to improve your academic performance but when enter the bookstore, the textbook price list drives you to change your mind. The average cost of a textbook starts from $20 and, for hardcover books, you pay even more.

In the US, a college student spends around $1,200 on buying compulsive textbooks. The skyrocketing prices of books have made many students compromise on additional academic material. Students from low-income families even hardly manage to buy compulsive textbooks, and having access to extra books and reading material is beyond their reach.

This article provides a guide to all those students who are concerned about textbook prices and seeking free textbooks to save thousands of dollars. Read on to learn the sure ways to get free textbooks in the US. Find out the best resources to get free textbooks for graduate and undergraduate degrees and courses.

Best Ways to Get Free Textbooks

Fortunately, there are various resources available for free textbooks, you just need to find them. We offer a helping hand to find the best ways and resources to get free textbooks in the US. Try out all these ways and ensure access to academic material for free.

Explore the Nearby Library   

The foremost place to find free educational resources is the library. The US students are lucky enough to have more than 17,000 libraries in their country. Whether you need a physical book or a digital version, you can surely find here a textbook that can help you increase your knowledge and improve your academic performance. All you need to get free textbooks from a library is a library card. Get a card from a nearby library and dive deep into worth reading books without paying cash.

Try a Library App

If you are a busy student or don’t have a library near you, check out some library apps. Technological advancement has enabled students to browse textbooks, audiobooks, and digital books from the library app. Some of the library apps that I have heard of are Hoopla, Libby, and Open Library.

You need to have a library card to access Hoopla and Libby. However, the Open Library does not need a library card to access it. Create a free account on the site and start borrowing free textbooks right from the app.

Keep an Eye on Giveaways on Educational Websites

Keeping an eye on promotional and discount offers of bookstores and educational websites is a great idea to avail amazing opportunities to save money. For instance, SolutionInn gives away free textbooks to US students with free shipping. There are thousands of textbooks to choose from. Whether you are a medical student, an engineering or a business student, you can get one free textbook from the website without paying anything.

Join Book Exchange Programs

The book swapping websites are also very popular among US students. Readers connect through these sites and exchange books with other readers online. Some of the reliable sites for book swapping are PaperBackSwap and BookMooch. On BookMooch, list the books you have read and no longer need them. Mail the book to someone who requests for it and get points in return. With the earned points, you can get free books from other readers. PaperBackSwap is a better site as there is no need for points to request a book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find any textbook for free?

The best place to find any textbook for free is SolutionInn. With 30,000 textbooks in the collection, the educational website makes it stress-free for US students to find and get the needed textbook for free.

How to get free PDF textbooks?

Open educational resources (OERs) such as Open Textbook Library are the best choice to get free PDF textbooks. You can find here textbooks in different digital formats including but not limited to eBooks, PDFs, and Kindle.

Where to get textbooks for free Reddit?

Reddit recommends academic and educational support sites to get textbooks for free. However, there is only one site to get free textbooks in physical form, and that is SolutionInn. For digital books, you can explore Open Textbook Library, and Internet Archive, and there is a long list to follow.