Boost Registration System for Webinars With Social Media and Event Apps

Registration System for Webinars

Registrations are something that the event industry faces a problem in you have to be convincing and had to do a lot of promotions to increase the registrations. Social media is a tool that includes many platforms and has a number of users, which can make the registration system for webinars a lot easier. To make a name for your brand, you have to be in touch with some of the widely used platforms. Webinars are the kind of event where a particular topic is being discussed online, but to spread the word for your event these platforms can be of great help.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the most popular and trending platforms and offer multiple features. These platforms can help in boosting the registration system for webinars through the features that they offer. In this blog, we will discuss social media platforms and their trending features that can help in registration and ticketing for webinars.

Trending Platforms That Can Be Advantageous for Your Webinar Marketing

Webinar event marketing is a lot easier if done through social media platforms because of their wider reach and the ability to spread the word faster. Different platforms offer multiple features and some common features that can be an advantage for the registration system for webinars. Trending platforms with their features are discussed below.


Instagram is widely used all around the world and has a user base of billions, with millions of users active every day. The registration system for webinars can be increased with promotions done through Instagram and its features. It’s most trending features are mentioned below.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels allows you to make a short video to showcase your content. Reels can help in increasing the registration system for webinars, you can make a creative reel showcasing the speaker and the topic to be discussed. Show some highlights about the previous event and how engaging it was to make the audience curious. You can add a QR for your webinar or add a link that will redirect the audience to a landing page where all the information can be available. This can help with the registration system for webinars.

Instagram Stories

Stories can be a great feature for webinar marketing because every user of Instagram is engaged with the stories. People are fond of stories, and you can make them more engaging by adding polls about the topic and can get the audience’s preference. You can also add a swipe-up feature that can be redirected to a landing page where the audience can find the necessary information about the webinar. This can increase the ticketing for webinars in no time.

Instagram Live

Instagram live-streaming services can help in live promotions for the webinar. You can show some behind-the-scenes or exclusive content for your webinar and can engage with the audience with live chats and polls. This can help in creating excitement among the audience, which will help in ticketing for webinars much faster.


Just like Instagram, all the features are available on Facebook and can be used in the same way. All these platforms have different audiences and different user bases. Webinar marketing done through Facebook can help in reaching a wider audience. Facebook allows you to create your event page that can help in putting all the information in one place, so the attendee doesn’t have to face any difficulties. The registration system for webinars can be made easier by putting a link at the event page created which will redirect to a landing page where the information can be filled. This can even help in ticketing for webinars by making the process faster.


YouTube is a platform where all kind of video content is available, with numerous audience that likes to stream only video content. YouTube’s shorts are the same as Instagram Reels and work in the same way, which can help in webinar marketing. You can make engaging, creative shorts about your webinar and provide some exclusive information behind the scenes. YouTube’s live-streaming services can also be of great advantage in registration and ticketing for webinars.

Event App for Webinar and Its Benefits

An event app is the most convenient option nowadays in the event industry. There can be an app for any kind of event which can be customized as per the organizer’s needs. With the help of an event app, there can be a customized event ticketing system that can help in easing the process. There can be many benefits for an event app, some of them are listed below.

  • With the customized event app, you can broadcast the live & pre-recorded webinar so that it can help reach a wider audience.
  • Through managed webinar service, you don’t have to worry about anything as these service providers will be managing the event.
  • Event apps are hassle-free solutions for organizing an event. All the necessary information can be provided on a single platform and can also help in the registration system for webinars.
  • Event apps are great for managing an event and are convenient for the attendees also.
  • They are great for analyzing and keeping track of everything and help in event ROI.


The registration system for a webinar can be made a lot easier with the help of social media platforms and their features. Promotions done through these platforms provide opportunities for global reach and help in sponsorship. With the help of event service providers, you can leverage social media platforms to maximize the ticketing for webinars. Event apps can also benefit in many ways, as these can be customized according to the needs of the organizer. A customized event ticketing system provided by the service provider can help in maximizing the process. Managed webinar service can help in creating potential leads, registration is done through any mode can the user has to fill in basic details which will be stored in your database. Social media and event apps can advantage event organizers in many ways and by finding the right service provider you can leverage every aspect to promote your webinar.