7 Tools Top Performing Organizations Use To Build A Sales Funnel

7 Tools Top Performing Organizations Use To Build A Sales Funnel

The term “sales funnel” is used in marketing to describe the process by which potential customers move from “prospecting” to “buying.” A sales pipeline comprises a few stages, the real number of which fluctuates with each organization’s sales model. All in one CRM software is a key process for every organization as it impacts the customer lifecycle journey of an employee in the most effective ways possible.   

Sales funnels are one of the most powerful tools for building relationships with your customers. A sales funnel helps you create a pipeline of leads, nurture them through various stages in their journey and then close sales. It’s also an effective way to build up those relationships at different stages in the sale process so that when they come to make a purchase decision they’re more likely to choose your product or service over another option. Here are some top-performing organizations using lead nurturing software.

1. Email AutoResponder

One of the most happening marketing tools in recent times is Email AutoResponder. In recent times, when it’s all about automation, this tool helps by shooting automated emails to your target group. It certainly is a great way to keep in touch with your audience, nurture them and secure sales deals, without even doing a little manual work such as composing personalized email messages or so. 

The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to set up!

2. Salesforce Chatter

With the popularity of social media, building a brand is all about growing popular in your community. Here comes the Salesforce Chatter that helps you build a complete community around your brand. It helps in creating conversations, sharing content with customers and engaging them in such a way that they choose to keep coming back on every occasion. It also allows you to manage all of the conversations from a single platform that integrates with other tools like MailChimp or Gmail.

3. AgileCRM

Salesforce’s AgileCRM tool helps you build sales funnels. It helps in automating the sales process, so that you can focus on what matters most: generating leads and closing deals. After all, that’s what gives you the revenue source at the end of the day. AgileCRM isn’t just for B2B companies; it can be used by any business with an online presence and leads to manage.

4. Zapier

Zapier is a great tool to connect different apps and services, which further automates a large number of tasks and stakes them in one place. While it is a  great way for building your sales funnel, Zapiers also streamlines day-to-day jobs.  It is useful for automating email campaigns, sending reminders about upcoming customer events, and collecting leads from social media.

Zapier could be used in your sales funnel in the following ways:

  • Zapier creates a new list of leads as soon as someone registers for your services.
  • Zapier helps to send out the weekly newsletter with promotions and discounts (such as a 20% discount).

5. Webhooks

The fifth tool in our list of top sales funnel-building tools is webhooks. From making a sales funnel to running marketing automation, this is certainly a great tool that organizations can rely on. Many SMBs are now relying on Webhooks for lead generation, customer support or any other application you want to use them for.

Webhooks allow companies like yours to send information from their website directly into your CRM system so that it can automatically update as needed (for example: when someone completes their first purchase). This means that when someone signs up on your website or purchases something from it, their data will be stored in an easily accessible manner – no more having to manually enter all those leads into spreadsheets or databases on business days only!

6. Lead Nurturing Software (LNS)

Lead Nurturing Software (LNS) is software that helps you build up those relationships at different stages in the sale process. It helps you nurture leads and close deals by providing one-on-one support for each customer so that they can feel comfortable with your brand and know what to expect from your sales team.

LNS is a great tool for sales teams—it allows them to stay on top of their pipeline and manage multiple channels at once in real time. It also gives reps better access to historical data about previous prospects, allowing them not only see who has purchased but also how they did it or what kind of problems they encountered along the way

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Add-on Toolkit

There’s no parallel to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you are looking for an efficient sales team. Not only it provides you with a list of the  C-suite connections in your domain but can also help you connect with them in the most hassle-free manner. It’s a unique add-on to the LinkedIn platform that helps users track and analyze their performance. Also, it’s a fabulous tool for Sales managers to keep track of the closed deals, meet quotas, and generate leads.

The best thing about this tool is its ability to show where each rep stands at any given time—whether they’re ahead or behind their goal numbers (or both). You can also see which accounts are holding back from making progress on a specific goal based on their account performance over time—and then pinpoint exactly what needs improvement so you can focus your efforts accordingly!

All-in-One CRM software is the most effective tool for building a sales funnel 

When it comes to building relationships at different stages in the sale process, all you need is an all-in-one CRM software. It comes with the features of managing sales, marketing and support all at the same time. It automates everything and thus leaves enough free time for the sales and customer reps to focus on what matters most.  


We have already rounded up the list of the most popular marketing tools in the market.  However, not every tool is meant for every kind of business. What you have to do is carry out in-depth research on your business needs and accordingly decide, which one is helpful for you. Each of these tools is fantastic and works best to help you gain the  best possible result.

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