Your skin feels exceptionally soft and high-quality when wearing a delicate cotton saree. What could be better than showing off your charm and feminine spirit in six yards of cosy fabric?

Popular and traditional Indian clothing includes cotton sarees. It is simple to understand why they have been around for so long. It is a remarkable fabric that is suitable for both formal and casual use. Cotton sarees are also welcome during special events like weddings, festivals, and celebrations.

You know, cotton sarees are among the clothes we link to calmness, contentment, and relaxation. Let’s explore some lesser-known facts about your favourite cotton sarees in this article.

Facts to Know About Cotton Sarees

The first invention is cotton saris.

Since women have started wearing sarees, cotton has always been the fabric of choice. The combination of cotton and sarees is praised in Indian Vedas and traditions.

Cotton production is centred on the Indian subcontinent. India developed the art of weaving and dyeing cotton about 5000 years ago. Each state in India has its unique method for weaving cotton. Cotton sarees come in a variety of designs, weaves, motifs, methods, textures, and colours across the country.

  • Traditional designs are used to make jamdani cotton sarees in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Sambalpuri, Vichitrapuri, and Bomkai cotton sarees are well known in Orissa. These sarees’ designers drew their inspiration from nature and incorporated vibrant colours and conventional designs into them.
  • Hyderabad is widely recognised for its ancient method of cotton weaving. It is also where the Venkatgiri, light cotton sarees perfect for summer, originated. These sarees are primarily off-white and have some unappealing golden patterns on them.
  • Nander, a city in Andhra Pradesh, is well known for its exquisite cotton saris embroidered with gold thread and bordered with silk.
  • Additionally, Pochampalli sarees with ikat designs are made in Andhra Pradesh using yarn that has been pre-dyed to create a specific pattern.
  • Tamilnadu’s cotton sarees closely resemble silk sarees. The best places in the South for cotton weaves with themes and checks are Kanjeevaram, Salem, Pudukottai, and Madurai. Thread or zari weaving are used to adorn the border and pallu.
  • Kerala very recently entered the cotton saree market. With unbleached cotton, Karaikudi sarees are woven. Rich, wide gold borders and pallus give these sarees an attractive appearance.
  • The sarees made in Gujarat and Rajasthan with tie-dye techniques also contribute.

Incredible Durability

Because of the rigid and starchy quality of the cloth, cotton sarees survive a long time. The cloth is difficult to rip. You may add patches or decorations to an old, simple cotton saree without harming the fabric.

A cotton saree is perfect for ethnic wear since it has a natural appearance, is simple to maintain, and doesn’t fade when cleaned at home. Your cotton saree may even be ironed without losing its texture or colour. Just keep in mind to utilise gentle cleaners rather than harsh chemicals.

Appropriate Year-round

One of the most functional sarees on the market is the cotton saree.

Summers, winters, and monsoons are all excellent seasons for wearing cotton saris. The cotton fabric makes you feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Additionally, a cotton saree is portable. Cotton sarees are ideal for an informal workplace party. You may even bring it with you to a family gathering or a girls’ day getaway.

Up to a certain extent fire resistant

Given that cotton sarees do not provide a fire risk, women choose to wear them when performing domestic tasks, particularly when cooking. Cotton sarees don’t burn readily as synthetic ones do. Wearing it every day is entirely safe.

The ideal choice for prints and dyes

If you wish to design or colour a simple cotton saree from scratch, cotton sarees are ideal. You may give them colours and patterns that are wonderful.

They also provide beautiful zari, thread work, and other decorations a sturdy starch foundation.

Don’t droop

Cotton sarees, unlike other materials, do not droop even when draped for a prolonged period of time. They offer a flawlessly elegant appearance from morning till night. so that you may offer a tidy and polished appearance throughout the day at events or meetings at the office.

Displays Elegance and Femininity

Saris made of cotton fit all body shapes well. When properly draped, they do not cling your body but rather draw attention to your best features.

Women today tend to favour simple yet attractive fashion. They are able to achieve their desired femininity, grace, and glamour thanks to cotton fabric. A woman looks gorgeous when wearing a cotton saree because of its many colours and patterns.

Even famous people enjoy showing off their stunning cotton sarees. whether you can think of an exquisite, sophisticated actress, see whether she has ever worn a cotton saree. Every actress dons a cotton saree at least once when appearing in public. Why? Because cotton sarees are the most charming form of saree.


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