A Step-by-Step Unique Guide to Ace Your Dissertation

Dissertation writing is not easy as it seems. A lot of time, energy and willpower are required to complete the process. But that does not mean; it has to be painful. In this increasingly globalised world shaped by various technologies and market forces; you can easily ask for Dissertation help from any online writing service. Firstly, these platforms will provide you with an original and unique paper; that follows academic guidelines. Secondly, they have a team of diligent researchers who research from credible sources. And thirdly, they have reliable writers with years of experience. Moreover, they will provide online academic writing, detail-oriented proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts. You can easily find these services online; they are available; at any time.

Writing is an act of harnessing more clarity. However writing a dissertation is not just about the creation of new knowledge but also about keeping the student updated about their chosen field of study as well. There are several Dissertation examples available online that you can take guidance from. Above all, if you want to understand the big-picture process of how to do your dissertation without any online writing services, do not worry. Here you will get some tips about how to write a dissertation paper.

Find a Valuable Research Topic

The first step in dissertation writing is forming a well-articulated, specific question. Most importantly, one must have a purpose behind conducting research. Without a purpose conducting research is a hard job. A good dissertation thesis topic has three attributes:


Firstly, your research should ask questions about what has not been asked before or has not been in a particular context. Most importantly context makes the research original. Without original context, there is no point in researching it.


Your research should be clear about what you want to know, in which context you are researching and what your research is about.


Having clarity and being unique are not everything. The research; should portray how this is valuable and contributes to the research industry. To clarify, only satisfying your curiosity is not enough.

Write a Convincing Research Proposal

Most importantly, before doing your research you need to convince authorities or universities to let you do it. In other words, you need to make a research proposal to convince professors; that it is worthy of their approval. In this proposal it is expected that you will show your well-articulated research questions. Not only you will review some existing literature to find a research gap but also; you have to get an idea of what kind of methodology will be used to collect data.

Meanwhile, it is just the beginning stage. By making things clear from the start, you are able to move forward without any difficulties. Do not worry as you progress in your research; it can develop.

Craft a Compelling Introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to justify your research topic. It is a type of window that gives the reader a sneak peek into the paper. Above all it makes the reader understand why you are doing this and why this topic is essential. Here brief background of the topic, area of research, problem statement and research questions are included. To sum up, we can say in this chapter, we get to know the significance of the study. It is the part that makes the readers hooked on the paper.

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An In-Depth Literature Review

At this point, you need to dig in deeper to find out more about available research, articles, and journals about your topic. There is a need to cover all related literature in your research questions and make a thorough index of that literature. It is the most crucial and exhausting part of the research process. There are two aspects to doing that:


This is a time-consuming process. You have to read and digest all the available literature and ensure you cover it all. It is important to cover old and new findings about the topic. Most of the time, students don’t read the new ones and research; already available research.


After reading, you need to write all your findings. It is not just a summary of all the other researcher’s papers. You have to highlight a research gap to which your research will give solutions.

Move Forward with Your Research

After completing the literature review, you have to proceed with your research. There are various steps to do it:

Research Strategy

It is the methodology chapter of the research. It means; here, you will decide in which process you will conduct your research. It is a brief explanation of frameworks and pathways. Firstly you will know whether it will be qualitative analysis or quantitative analysis, secondly, who is your focus group, thirdly, you will know how you will analyze the data.

Collect and Analyze Data

After collecting the data by hosting online surveys, interviews and other data collection methods, you need to, put it into document form. For instance, if it is audio, you need to put it into Word form. That is to say, there is a process of thoroughly analyzing the collected data.

Show Your Findings

When you complete your analysis, you get some results. This section is about presenting the findings clearly and understandably. Typically students present their findings in the discussion chapter or result chapter. While this chapter gives the interpretation of the conclusion, the result chapter gives; processed data. Sometimes these two chapters are merged as one, depending on the university or professors. So it is essential to know the guideline beforehand. In short, this chapter needs to answer the research questions you have formed. If not, your research will be futile.

Draw a Conclusion

Meanwhile, there is a need to wrap up your research with the conclusion chapter. Here you will tell about your key findings and what they implicate. In addition to that, the conclusion section must be short, to the point and precise. Instead of repeating all the process and structure, you need to sum it up with the most insightful findings. Your conclusion should not introduce new data, arguments or interpretations. In other words, you need to address opposing viewpoints and tell why the readers should align with your point. Here you need to add the call for action and overview all possible research. Hence, once you wrap up the core chapters, all you have to do is add an abstract, reference list, and citations, and you are done. Moreover, always check with your university to know if they have any additional requirements regarding the structure.

Writing a dissertation can feel very isolating. You have to focus on the topic for months or years. Sometimes you need to take feedback from other people to strengthen your findings. Although it may seem hard, you will be able to do it with a little bit of patience and proper guidance. If you are unable; to do so, do not hesitate to ask professionals for assistance. You can always take Dissertation help from online writing services. These services have proficient writers for each subject; therefore you can be confident that their documents are written properly before giving out for evaluation.