Top 10 Indian Social Media Influencers to Follow in 2023

Top 10 Indian Social Media Influencers to Follow in 2023

Think of the last time you came home, and Instead of switching on the television, you decided to unwind with your phone. You felt relaxed as notable personalities provided you with quality entertainment and infotainment. Like you, hundreds of thousands of netizens build communities around opinion leaders. They do this for multiple reasons. People find Influencers relatable. They want to be entertained, acquire expertise on a particular subject and be part of a like-minded community. Even find expert advice before making a purchase decision. This is why businesses of all sizes recruit the best influencer marketing agency to work with relevant social media Influencers in their industry.

The Indian social media influences in this article have provided outstanding results for their brand partners. These subject matter experts occupy niches like comedy, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, music, travel, and more. Each has a dedicated following, nurtured through years of constant interaction and value addition. By working with a reputable Influencer marketing agency brand can capitalize on the credibility of opinion leaders for more awareness, loyalty, and sales.

If you are a brand looking for your next brand partner or a netizen searching for someone that shares similar interests, we have a list of –

Top Social Media Influencers in India

Bhuvan Bam 

Bhuvan Bam, also popularly known as “BB Ki Vines”, is an Indian YouTuber and comedian who became a nationwide sensation for his funny skits of multiple characters – all played by this talented artist. Bhuvan’s content started as comedy humor but eventually grew to cover Life lessons and positivity. He connected millions of hearts across the country, and his down-to-earth personality and knack for storytelling have made him one of India’s most popular social media Influencers. Today Bhuvan Bam has starred in web series and has released multiple songs with millions of views. The Youtuber’s web series “Dhindora”, written and produced by Bhuvan Bam himself, was a hit for its quality storyline.

Ashish Chanchlani 

Ashish Chanchlani from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is a comedian and YouTuber with a dedicated community of millions. Ashish’s humorous skits and well-thought-out storyline will get you giggling and ROFL. He has collaborated with other famous YouTubers, most notably Bhuvan Bam. Moreover, Ashish also shares glimpses of his personal life with his followers. His fun, relatable and engaging content has earned this social media influencer multiple accolades.

This Influencer’s love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not hidden. Ashish can’t help but showcase his inner comic fan when he promotes the MCU franchise through his online content. Ashish frequently throws Spider-Man, Thor, and iron man references when he tweets or interacts with his audience. 

Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila from Delhi, India, is a popular content creator and Influencer recognized for quirky, funny content on social media channels. Just like Bhuvan, Kusha also portrays different personalities, and her efforts are directed at addressing popular stereotypes. She uses humor as a medium to get important messages to  the world. The social media influencer has also been vital in promoting body positivity and breaking unrealistic beauty standards. Kusha is an inspiration for young women worldwide.

Ranveer Allahbadia 

A young kid from Mumbai has become a national celebrity because he decided to make a change within himself, and now he is spreading the same message everywhere. Meet Ranveer Allahbadia, one of the best social media influencers in India. His channel revolves around lifestyle, fitness, mental strength, entrepreneurship and motivation. He runs a popular podcast called “The Ranveer Show”, where he interviews celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other notable personalities. Ranveer is a role model for youth, motivating them to chase their dreams with hard work and dedication.

Dolly Singh 

Dolly Singh became a massive social media sensation because of her charming, funny personality. She creates relatable content on Instagram and YouTube that addresses prevalent stereotypes and issues. This social media Influencer resonates with her audience. Dolly has acting skills that she has showcased in multiple web series. The Influencer’s content gives the “blast from the past” vibes and is comforting.

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Moving to fashion, we have Diipa Büller-Khosla. The famous social media influencer of Indian origin began as a content creator and is now a renowned entrepreneur known for founding multiple brands around beauty, lifestyle, fashion and self-care. Diipa became the first Indian ambassador for MAC cosmetics. Through her many contributions towards women’s empowerment, body positivity, personal fashion and addressing societal issues, the style diva has earned features in top publications and magazines worldwide. Diipa has partnered with multiple fashion brands and is a regular guest at top fashion shows.

Komal Pandey 

Everyone who was ever interested in fashion knows about Komal Pandey. This social media influencer rose to start when she started uploading her outfit and looks of the day online. Eventually, she put together a blog called “College Couture”, where she helped others curate sustainable styles that best fit their personalities. 

Komal’s charming and unique personality attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts nationwide. Komal has collaborated with 100 + brands. She helps businesses grow by sharing her personal experience using the products and services.

Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, also known as “That Boho Girl”, is a famous beauty, fashion travel and lifestyle content creator from India. She has acquired a massive following for her unique fashion sense, style and personality. Kritika is comfortable in her fashions, thus making her more relatable and personal to her viewers. The social media influencers have a popular podcast called “UNKUT KRITIKA ”. It is a platform where Kritika interviews and gains valuable insights from celebrities, entrepreneurs and other Influencers on different topics.

Yashraj Mukhate 

Yashraj Mukhate is a music producer, composer and social media Influencer who went viral after adding his musical twist to famous Indian Television scenes. Since then, the talented artist has continued to produce mesmerizing content that has captured the hearts and minds of many. 

Besides remixing viral scenes and dialogues, Yashraj Mukhate has also released his original soundtracks, which have earned millions in views. The social media Influencer also interviews fellow musicians to get their perspectives as artists.

Nikhil Sharma 

Mumbai-born engineer turned social media content creator Nikhil Sharma aka “Mumbaiker Nikhil”, is a travel vlogger, motorbike enthusiast and YouTuber. Nikhil’s first video documenting his travel from Mumbai to Goa went viral, which prompted the Influencer to pursue a career as a full-time content creator. Since then, Nikhil has been seen cruising around India in his motorbike. 

Nikhil shares his personal experience during his travels, making his video more relatable and engaging. Looking at his videos, you can’t help but pack your bags for a long road trip. Nikhil’s journey took him to countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Nikhil inspires youth daily to follow their passion through hard work and commitment. As a popular social media personality Nikhil has endorsed multiple National and international brands.