Top 5 best tycoon games for PC will put your business skills to the test

Playing the best PC tycoon games will help you learn how to run a business and start building your own company. When you start and run your own business, you take on a lot of danger. Basically, you need to come up with a good plan, be good at making decisions, and know a lot about business. Also, you need to be able to deal with unplanned business events if you want your business to grow and move forward.

Most of the time, there are a lot of idle business games to play, which can help you find them faster. If you think you have the above-mentioned guts and the best skills to build your own company, no matter what kind of business you want to get into, then play free tycoon games for PC and let your skills speak for themselves.

1. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist by Kongregate is the first game on the list of business games for PC. In this computer game, your goal is to turn a simple lemonade stand into a novemvigintillion-dollar business and start making trillions of dollars.

In this game, keep in mind that you have to work on everything and find ways to make your business grow. You could get “Dinosaur Game” put money into an oil business, or do other things. If you feel like you already have too much to do with your businesses, you can hire managers and let them do their jobs.

adVenture capitalist centillion

2. Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Games

Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Games by Kolibri Games is another one of the best tycoon games for PC that you can’t miss. In this simulation game, you’ll run your own virtual mine spot and start making money and gold.

After you take care of your mine spot, you’ll be given jobs that will help you grow it. You can also come up with a mining plan that can help your business grow as you finish these jobs. When your mining site grows, you can start hiring more miners who will work in other parts of the site.

Idle Miner Tycoon cheats

3. Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager

If you’re the type of player who loves mafia games and wish to use your management skills, then you must add Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager by Century Games to your PC. In this sim game, you’ll be taking the role of a future Mafia boss, who will rule different streets and locales to obtain territories.

Take note that in order to progress in this game, you need to surpass various stages equipped with incremental objectives. To help you fulfill all your mafia boss tasks, you can collect new mob members who will help you in building dominance in various territories and become the king of the underground.

idle mafia tycoon manager pc download

4. Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Another game that includes our list of best tycoon games PC is Codigames’ Idle Theme Park Tycoon. As the game title suggests, you’ll be building and managing your very own theme park, and earn a lot of money. You need to set up various attractions in your area to attract people to visit your theme park. So you can set up some rides, facilities, and even decorations to make your park even more attractive.

As you progress in Idle Theme Park Tycoon and start expanding your theme park, you can consider hiring additional employees who will help you in maintaining and managing your theme park. You can also take additional rides or restaurants to ensure that all your customers are happy and satisfied.

idle theme park tycoon gameplay on pc

5. Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game

If you’re fond of tycoon games and wish to experience managing a law firm, then you must play for Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game by Codigames. In this sim game, your goal is to make your small law firm thrive and create a notable reputation as a lawyer. You’ll be doing the typical tasks of a lawyer, investigating cases, defending clients, solving legal disputes, and more.

As you advance in the game and start earning money from your clients, you can expand your law firm. Do this by adding new branches and increasing the number of your services as well. Along with your expansion, you can hire some lawyers who can help you manage other services and branches as well.

law empire tycoon pc download

We hope that you’ve got the best tycoon games PC that suits your interest and preference!