The 5 Beginner Tips For Fort Triumph

The Paladin prepares to use a kick against a spider to stun two enemies in Fort Triumph.

Playing an SRPG might be enjoyable, but what if you wish to minimise unit losses? Discover how to play Fort Triumph and command your army to victory.

The strategy genre provides a plethora of concepts for making games stand out from the crowd. Fort Triumph uses this technique by implementing the conventional gameplay you anticipate while also introducing new ideas, such as base building and armies selection, to incorporate more components into the systems. You’ll develop your army and help them succeed, albeit it may be difficult.

After all, the game involves permanent character death, which might have serious ramifications if one of your greatest units dies. However, if you understand Fort Triumph game and keep certain starting guidelines in mind, you’ll find it easier to survive and thrive as an army.

Plan Before You Act

The Paladin prepares to use a kick against a spider to stun two enemies in Fort Triumph.

Even if you want to act quickly and have your characters in place. You should always consider and pause before doing anything. Some SRPGs, for example, allow you to move your character, ponder your options, and then move back. However, Fort Triumph counts movement as an AP-consuming action, so you’ll commit to it once you select the choice.

Instead, hover over the location where you wish to relocate and consider the position. You may even use an attack command to check your character’s range. Letting you know how many squares to travel to stay in range. Otherwise, you put yourself in a perilous situation where you can move but don’t have a goal to aim for, forcing you to adopt a less-than-ideal strategy for the rest of your turn.

The same is true for the world map.Each day, you can only take so many steps. Furthermore, you get new heroes to join at the start of each week, but the monsters grow stronger as well.

If you continue to go around aimlessly, you may find the adversaries too difficult to defeat.

Always Use Your Environmental Skills

The Paladin prepares to use a kick against a spider to stun two enemies in Fort Triumph.

Every character have environmental abilities that can be used to combat foes and keep them from assaulting. The Mage, for example, has the ability to utilise a tornado to blow over varied terrain, delivering damage to the adversary while knocking over the obstacle, allowing you to strike them with other ranged adversaries.

You can, on the other hand, utilise the Ranger’s grappling hook to draw an adversary towards you. If they collide with any foes or barriers, they are shocked and lose two AP the next turn. You can use such powers to damage and stun foes. Because adversaries in this game deal a lot of damage. You’ll want to maximise your environmental talents and utilise them frequently.

Use a terrain ability to stun an adversary, then strike them with another teammate. Causing maximum damage while preventing them from attacking you during their next turn. If you don’t have enough damage to kill all of the foes nearby, you can employ another buddy to stun them.

Focus On Defensive Play

The Mage and Paladin hide behind terrain while the Mage prepares a Whirlwind attack in Fort Triumph.

While some SRPGs reward you for going in and attracting aggression, Fort Triumph takes a different approach. To stay healthy and escape death, you should concentrate on defensive play and striking at the appropriate times.

Start by sending out your Paladin or Barbarian towards the enemies. If you want a simple plan to help you with various conflicts. Use their Brace skills to take half the damage while drawing the enemy out. You can then deploy your Mage and Ranger, both of whom have active Overwatch abilities. When enemies attempt to attack your Paladin and Barbarian, you will immediately attack them and deliver additional damage.

Once they’ve been drawn out, have your melee units press forward or use an environmental ability to run, forcing the enemy to pay AP to catch up with you. Keep your ranged soldiers away from the enemies so they may concentrate on damage.

Work Around The Fog Of War

The Barbarian is trapped in a cage with her friend in the other one in Fort Triumph.

Even if Flappy Bird game only shows two or three enemies on the screen, you must keep the fog of war in mind when playing. Enemies can hide in the fog of war, making it impossible to attack them until you notice them. As a result, you won’t want to commit to significant movements until you’ve worked through the fog of war.

For example, you can triple your distance by utilising three AP. This could result in you running past an adversary or seeing them in the fog of war and being unable to attack them. Instead, move one AP worth of mobility at a time so you can spot adversaries and react accordingly. Because the fog of war reveals more information as you move, you may be able to assault them with a long-range weapon or even utilise an environmental ability to take them down.

If you move and observe the opponent but are unable to attack them. Relocate to a spot where you will be obstructed by walls. This will keep them from attacking you, allowing you to observe what they do that turn and attack them back while minimising your damage.

Your tank troops are ideal for scouting. If they get into assault range, you don’t have to worry as much. Albeit your ranged units can be destroyed in a single turn.

Check Your Fortress After Every Turn

The player looks over the fortress and thinks about using their resources in Fort Triumph.

In any game style, your castle remains the most important point. After each battle, you should return to the stronghold to expend resources and consider your options. For example, you can go there to gain more space for party members, new people to cooperate with you. And passive boosts to help your characters excel in battle.

You can construct your fort and add additional upgrades to assist your team. They usually come with prerequisites for you to make the improvements. They also differ in terms of cash, with some requiring notoriety. Others demanding beetroot coins, and still others asking you to employ magic. These resources can be found in a variety of places.

ResourceWhat It’s Used ForWhere To Get It
RenownTo directly improve your heroes.When you win fights and do well in them, you gain renown.
Beet CoinsTo make your town better and build new things.You get beetroot coins from things that happen on the pitch and in your castle.
MagicUsed for your city and its buildings.You’ll see them as green lights on the map and later when they’re not doing anything. To reach and get them, you must use your steps.

You should not only have a regular supply of resources. But you should also be on the lookout for them while you travel the map. When you’ve completed all of the tasks, click on your fortress in the top-right corner to discover what improvements you may purchase.Begin by concentrating on the castle and universities. They will allow you to obtain more upgrades in the future while boosting your hero cap. Then, go to the guild upgrades and increase your party size to five to have the greatest party possible. Then, prioritise all four upgrades in the bottom row to assist you win the battle.