PC Controllers Gaming in 2023

Many PC games are made with a classic controller in mind, however many are best played with a mouse and keyboard. Additionally, it’s a little more comfortable to lean back in your gaming chair while using a controller, making it simpler for you to unwind while playing your favorite games. There is actually no lack of PC controller alternatives in 2023, largely because practically every controller made for a certain system also has PC support built in. In essence, PC controllers users can choose from among the best controllers available for all platforms. The very finest PC controllers for 2023 have been compiled.

PC controllers: 8BitDo Ultimate

It’s difficult to match the 8BitDo Ultimate in terms of affordability, adaptability, and ergonomics. You have complete control over your experience thanks to the 8BitDo Ultimate Software. The two great back triggers remapped, stick tension, vibration intensity, and trigger sensitivity can all changed. Up to three different profiles saved. This level of extensive customisation is often only available on far more expensive controllers, not a $50 controller. It features a matching charging port and has a 15-hour battery life.

One very appreciated characteristic unnoticed but yet significant. Hall Effect technology, a development that makes use of magnets to sense movement, used in the analog sticks. The dreaded stick drift avoided because to this design’s lack of friction.

The 8BitDo Ultimate is a simple recommendation because of its excellent performance and incredibly affordable pricing. For $70, you can purchase the Bluetooth version, which works with the Nintendo Switch, if you want more features.

PC controllers: 8BitDo Pro 2

The charging port and Hall Effect sticks are absent from the 8BitDo Pro 2 PC controllers, although it else resembles the Ultimate extremely closely. Even still, it’s a fantastic controller with a distinctly retro appearance that makes it a wonderful option for PC emulator users or those who play a lot of older games. Additionally, it’s the best option for gamers that favor aligned analog sticks and titles that benefit from D-pad controls.

Two back buttons, personalized profile swapping, and support for Android, Steam Deck, and Switch are all features of the Pro 2. Its battery also has a slightly longer battery life than the Ultimate, lasting 20 hours before requiring a plug-in.

PC controllers: Xbox Elite Series 2

Although expensive, Microsoft didn’t skimp on the Elite Series 2. The Elite Series 2 is the ideal pro-style controller for PC thanks to its ergonomic design, excellent build quality, rubberized grips, swappable parts (including analog sticks and D-pads), four back buttons, trigger locks, and astounding 40-hour battery life. You may purchase the Elite Series 2 Core for $130 if you don’t require all of those capabilities or would prefer something a little more cost-effective, but it is missing back buttons and other customizability possibilities. Back paddles and other accessories from outside sources can be bought individually.

PC controllers: Victrix Pro BFG

The Victrix Pro BFG has a very intimidating appearance, but it is also quite modular thanks to its creative design. With the provided tool, you can quickly take out the controller modules on either side. You can change the offset stick arrangement from its default to one that aligned. Additionally, you can choose between the three different D-pads—the one pictured above, the eight-way D-pad, and the conventional cross—and alter the height of the thumbstick caps. Even a six-button combat pad with microswitches included for the controller’s right side. There are four strategically located back triggers. The triggers locked at one of five preset pull distances to suit your preferences. Inputs can be remapped instantly, and up to three control profiles can be saved.

The Pro BFG is the best pro-style controller available when it comes to customisation, even though it doesn’t feel as high-end as the Elite Series 2. While technically intended for the PS5 (and PS4), it also functions wirelessly and wiredly with a PC.

PC controllers: Xbox Wireless Controller

When switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, Microsoft made just minor changes to its controller, but why fix what isn’t broken? Thanks to its straightforward, uncomplicated design, the Xbox Wireless Controller has amassed hordes of followers throughout the years. The best part is that it is completely compatible with PC. Making it a fantastic option for anyone who want to play on both their computer and Series X. It’s also a perfect choice for utilizing basketball stars Game Pass on PC. Because it will sync with the program automatically and allow you to start playing without having to fiddle with several setup options.