Fate Grand Order Characters from All Walks of Life

Even people who don’t play video games are aware of the game Fate Grand Order. Despite the fact that it is only a portable game, its reputation in the realm of free-to-play games is widespread across all platforms. It overtook the incredibly popular battle royale Fortnite as the most talked-about game on Twitter in 2018, despite Fortnite’s massive success. Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, including the glorious fan arts (as well as the “other” fan art), videos, anime, and hilarious 4koma series.

So, why is it used so frequently? Is Fate Grand Order good? Are the characters in Fate Grand Order recognisable and well-known? How does the gameplay fare for role-playing game lovers, and even those who don’t play RPGs? In this review of FGO, we will delve deep into the game and discuss why it is considered to be one of the finest free to play role-playing games (RPGs) ever developed.

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Fate Characters from All Walks of Life

You can tell that they have incorporated the characters from the first Fate/Stay Night visual novel just by looking at the cover of the game. This comprises Artoria (Sabre), Rin, Sakura, Medusa (Rider), Illya, Medea (Caster), Taiga, Shirou, Emiya (Archer), Gilgamesh (also an Archer), Cu (Lancer), Hercules (Berserker), and Sasaki (Assassin). Artoria is a member of the Sabre class. Added to the roster are other Fate games and shows like Astolfo, Nero, Gilles, Tamamo, Jeanne and Mordred.

It also introduces original characters like fan-favorite Mash Kyrielight, Dr. Roman, Leonardo Da Vinci (you can now freely say Da Vinci is so hot), and the Master (that’s you).


Naturally, the gacha craziness is the only method to acquire the vast majority of them, and we shall go into more detail about it in a little while.
And it’s possible that the game’s characters are the single most important factor in the game’s meteoric rise to popularity. It’s possible that they won’t interact as much as the females in Azur Lane and Honkai Impact 3, but that’s only a possibility. Despite this, they have developed quite a number of unique characteristics as a result of the absurd occurrences that take place in the game.

Even Edward Teach, who is such a meme in the FGO community, is one of my favourite characters in the game. I adore all of the characters in the game, but my waifu Kiyohime is my favourite.

The Main Gameplay

All of these discussions focus on the game’s characters and discuss their popularity, but what about the actual gameplay? The battle mechanism in FGO is a hybrid of turn-based tactics and a light card game. The following is how the game is played:

You begin the game with three Servants—two of your own and one borrowed from a friend—while three more wait in the background to serve as support. You will face anything from one to three waves of adversaries. When it is your turn, you will be given a choice between five different cards to play. These five cards were produced at random depending on one of three different sorts of attacks: burst, arts, or quick. The Burst (Red) basic attack is the most damaging of the three. Your Servant’s Noble Phantasm (NP) metre can be raised to a higher level by using Arts (blue). The Green version of Quick creates critical hit stars, which boost your odds of scoring a critical hit on your next turn.

In addition to the cards, you may use your spells as Master to activate a wide variety of boosts and debuffs that the Servants have available to them. You are able to activate a Servant’s ultimate ability once their NP reaches 100 percent. This is the case regardless of whether the ability is a single-target assault, an area-of-effect strike with many targets, a significant boon for the entire team, or a game-changing debuff directed against the adversaries.


You’ll want to use your cards carefully since certain Servants complement one another effectively. The community has mixed opinions on the game’s gameplay; some find it to be excessively tedious and sluggish, while others find it to be quite enjoyable. As for me, I do enjoy it. Since Honkai Impact 3, this is the gacha game with one of the most engaging gameplays I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Regarding the upgrade, it is something that may be discussed at a later time.

Fate Grand Order Game Graphics

There is nothing particularly shocking in this game, but it is a relief to see the characters in their adult forms rather than their chibi avatars. The sprites keep the appearance and characteristics that are unique to them. On the other hand, some of their actions appear rigid, particularly those of the ones who have not yet experienced a vision. The backgrounds are both semi-two-dimensional and three-dimensional, but some of them seem quite stunning, particularly in the later parts of the game.

If you want to see the most impressive graphics that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has to offer, you should watch the Servants’ Noble Phantasms. Each of the Servants’ Noble Phantasms has its own unique style, but they all look stunning when they are performed. During the cutscenes, there are now more expressions for each character to use, which is another great small feature.

Game Story Flow & Content

The plot of FGO really contains the game’s most important message. Each new chapter of the game includes a creative new spin on the established characters, in addition to being a fantastic tribute to the previous Fate series. Every single chapter of the game is really well-written and features some fantastic exchanges of dialogue between various characters. The final parts of the game become so compelling that the narrative is on par with those of other top-tier role-playing games. Because of how well one of the chapters, “Demonic Front Babylonia,” turned out, it was adapted into its own anime. Stay for the tale if you aren’t here for the gacha since it’s more interesting. It’s at a very high intensity.

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The Events in Fate Grand Order

Order is its extensive event system, which is known as Events. It may be said that their events provide the most tedious experience ever seen in a gacha game (the “I still hate you Hawaii event”), yet they also have the most compelling narratives of any gacha game, much alone FGO. The Paul Bunyan incident in and of itself is the starting point for a narrative that is so wonderfully written that you will wish it had a continuing arc.

I enjoy how the authors don’t take the plot too seriously by including some hilarious allusions and breaking the fourth wall with some of the comedic exchanges between the Servants. The Servants have some fantastic banter.

Fate Grand Order Match Sounds

In addition to the narrative, this is another area in which FGO thrives. FGO does not hide its musical brilliance; it showcases it throughout the game, from the amazing music with an epic theme that plays while you are battling a hydra to the nostalgic sounds of Gilgamesh’s theme or Emiya’s Unlimited Blade Works. On some of the menus, you may even find the original tracks that were used in the previous performances. Now, the fact that this segment is included is a lovely touch for the lovers of the original.


Regarding voice acting, this is an area in which FGO shines the brightest. All of the voice actors for the Servants are included, starting with the very first Fate/Stay Night game and going all the way up to the most recent Fate/Apocrypha release. There is never a dull moment with the conversation, whether it is Artoria yelling “EKUSUKALIBA” or Merlin reciting “Garden of Avalon” in a relaxed Geometry Dash Subzero manner.


Alright, guy, look. The less times we discuss the gacha, the better it will be. No, I’m serious. This is the beginning of the insanity, as well as the location where the salt accumulates. The gacha found in FGO is the true embodiment of the term “gacha hell.” Their 10x rolls do not guarantee 4* Servants, and the chance of getting a 5* Servant is always 1%; there is no compassion Summon and no additional assurances. Prepare yourself to pull a significant amount of mapo tofu. The Saint Quartz and Tickets are extremely difficult to grind for, and the amount of actual cash that can be exchanged for SQ is not worth the investment. If you are fabulously rich and want to gather all of the Saberfaces and Sakurafaces, then you should not do this.

Just pure salt. I’ll get you soon, Mama Raikou.


Fate Grand Order Overall Impression

FGO is still a fantastic game even if it has nonstop gacha pulls and a furious grinding system. FGO is the greatest option to play if you are interested in the tale and the characters. As long as you improve your slaves appropriately, it does not seem like you need to pay money to succeed in any of the gaming elements, and it is completely free. Playing Fate Grand Order on your personal computer will allow you to experience all of this and much more. Download it right now!