7 Best Characters In Rivals Of Aether

Rivals Of Aether Clairen

Rivals Of Aether has successfully emulated a completely new form of fighting game thanks to the Smash Bros. series. Players control representatives of the four basic natural elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) based on the concept of the four primary natural elements. Fighters from the DLC are included!

Rivals Of Aether is a 2D pixel-art fighter with crisp controls, a rapid pace, and a nice selection of arenas to explore. However, as with many fighting games, some characters will stand out above the rest. The game boasts a large roster, including some DLC characters. But these are the ones who stand out for their toughness, speed, range, and versatility.


Rivals Of Aether Orcane

Orcane is a formidable combatant in addition to being a cross between one of the deadliest and one of the cutest creatures. You’ll be able to get acquainted to his play style fast. Because he’s one of the first characters you can choose. Orcane, being a whale with cat-like movements, is quick and flexible, providing them a lot of mobility.

He also has one of the best recoveries in Rivals Of Aether game, since he can lay a puddle wherever in the arena. It generates its own spawn spot that can be warped from anywhere. Serves as an uppercut trap, and can be detonated remotely.


Rivals Of Aether Elliana

Elliana, being a newcomer, is one of the more unique characters. She, despite representing the wind, is a snake flying a massive mech. She is the slowest of the wind fighters, but she is also the most tough. Despite her stature, she has good movement and a good recovery move.

Her main weapon is her tremendous firepower and might, which she can combine for huge damage. The mech has a tendency to overheat. However this is readily highlighted and is a modest price to pay for piloting it.


Rivals Of Aether Sylvanos

Sylvanos, another newcomer to the roster, is undoubtedly the most animalistic of the combatants. He’s a wolf who leaves a trail of grass wherever he goes, giving him a lot of range. One of his main attacks allows him to detonate all the grass he’s covered in thorns. Inflicting damage on all combatants that come into contact with it.

He also has the ability to set off several flower traps, which deal good damage and expose enemies to juggling. Sylvanos has the physical power to move quickly and hit forcefully when necessary.


Rivals Of Aether Mollo

Mollo, who takes being a firefly almost too seriously, has a lot of heat to spare. With all of the equipment he employs, he has some of the most adaptability in Rivals Of Aether game. His main technique lets him to choose from a variety of explosives with varied effects and ranges to deal with a variety of opponents and groups if necessary.

Mollo will undoubtedly be able to break through target defences. And throw explosives across the arena with all of the bombs he’ll be throwing. He can finish them off with physical assaults if hurled into the air.


Rivals Of Aether Ranno

Speed can make or break a battle, and Ranno is all about speed. This frog takes satisfaction in striking first and swiftly, with the stance and execution of a seasoned martial artist. His typical combo appears to be infinite, allowing him to stun opponents while fast accumulating damage. He can also utilise his attacks to apply poison counters to a victim for later usage.

Despite his effectiveness in melee combat, Ranno also has ranged attacks, such as a tongue attack that traps victims in bubbles and releases poison blades in a spread, which he may charge up for more damage. The bubble he conjures is controllable and serves as an effective buffer before being fired.

Shovel Knight

Rivals Of Aether Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, the blue-armored pixel hero, finds himself in another universe in order to defend his honour. The Shovel Knight, who does not follow any of the four elements, brings his own fighting technique to the arena. He’s slower than the other characters, but he makes up for it with strength and resilience.

Many of his attacks are one-of-a-kind, but when they land. They cause significant damage and will certainly knock opponents back a considerable distance. He can also collect treasure during battles. Which he can subsequently spend at the shop that appears as a result of his taunting. He can use it on armour to improve his performance and relics to cover ground and deal with speedier opponents.


Rivals Of Aether Clairen

Among the rivals, anything goes, which is why Clairen has no qualms about bringing a sword to a fistfight. She’s a later fire character who inflicts pain with burning strikes. Though her sword slows her considerably, it also provides her one of the longest melee ranges and some of the greatest strength in Penalty Kick Online game.

Her skills are geared for duelling, giving her more control and balance, especially in one-on-one combat. The manoeuvres let her to cut and glide past opponents while still striking hard enough to break their rhythm. She’s also substantial enough to withstand being thrown around.