6 Pro Tips In Genshin Impact For Playing As Alhaitham

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Fighting Masanori

Playing as Alhaitham is a one-of-a-kind experience because to the richness of his ability set and the freedom with which you can utilise his powers.

The pool of playable characters in Genshin Impact is always expanding because the globe of Teyvat is divided into seven zones, each with dozens of characters. It’s a lot of fun to try out a new character and figure out different mechanics to improve their effectiveness, especially with a character like Alhaitham.

Alhaitham is a five-star Sword wielding character with Dendro vision. He played an important role in Sumeru’s story. And his charisma quickly drew a large number of individuals to try him out. If you choose this character, you’ll have a great time discovering everything he’s capable of.

He Performs Best In Reaction Teams

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Fighting Masanori

The Dendro element was the only one that wasn’t there in Genshin Impact at the start. Despite the fact that some foes may still use it against your characters. The full element was released alongside Sumeru in the Version 3.0 update. This also resulted in various Dendro reactions in the game.

Most Dendro characters are designed in a unique way by the developers. Requiring them to rely on responses to do high damage. This is also true for Alhaitham, who can deal continual Dendro damage with the Chisel-Light Mirror effect, but his base damage isn’t the greatest.

Because of the Quicken reaction, the lack of base damage is understandable. You can use this reaction to multiply the damage of a certain Dendro or Electro attack by two or more.

To compensate for the absence of basic damage, Alhaitham should used in a reaction team. The Quicken team is the perfect fit for his playing style. After using Quicken, Alhaitham’s fast Dendro application will activate Spread, dramatically enhancing the damage of this strike. It’s even better if the Elemental Skill’s Projection Attack activates Spread.

On the other side, in the Bloom team, you can run him in a supportive playstyle. To accomplish this, you must have a character who can constantly administer Hydro to your opponents. A Bloom team, on the other hand, isn’t the best because the Dendro Cores explode after a considerable wait, giving adversaries time to leave their radius.

You can employ him in a Bloom team with Nilou because her passive improves the reaction. Or you can add an Electro character to your team to trigger Hyperbloom. When it comes to the Hyperbloom squad, the choice of Electro character is important since the character must have AoE Electro damage.

Finally, Alhaitham can placed in a Burgeon or Burning squad, but these reactions aren’t the best. Because his Elemental Skill and Burst scale on Elemental Mastery, Alhaitham is ideal for these reaction teams.

Pay Attention To Chisel-Light Mirrors

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Idle Animation With Mirrors

Alhaitham’s most significant tool is his Chisel-Light Mirrors. This is obvious because all three of your abilities can generate these Mirrors in some fashion. You can receive one Chisel-Light Mirror every 12 seconds by hitting an opponent with your Charged or Plunging Attack. And your Elemental Skill offers you one or two Mirrors depending on the situation.

If you already have one or two Mirrors and use your Elemental Skill, you will only get one Mirror. You will, however, receive two of them if you activate the Skill with no Mirrors in your hands.

Unless you leave the field, each Chisel-Light Mirror additionally grants Alhaitham Dendro Infusion for four seconds. With all of this in mind, it’s critical to keep track of the quantity of Chisel-Light Mirrors you now have. To gain the most Mirrors, activate your Elemental Skill with 0 Mirrors. And then immediately use a Charged or Plunging attack.

The number of Mirrors you have is significant because the Projection Attack damage from your Elemental Skill deals more damage the more Mirrors you have.

He’s Great For Fighting Hordes Of Enemies

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Fighting Specters

While Alhaitham may battle boss opponents with a certain type of reaction team. He provides the most value when used against a large number of minor adversaries. His Projection Attacks, which do damage in an area, account for a large portion of his damage. Furthermore, his Charged Attacks only consume 20 stamina.

Even if you don’t obtain a Mirror from an enemy, you should utilise a couple Charged Attacks while fighting them. Furthermore, the Anemo element has a plethora of individuals. Who may combine these opponents together, and it does not cause the Swirl reaction with Dendro. This allows you to expand the use of any other element you’re utilising.

Make The Most Out Of Your Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Elemental Burst Animation

Alhaitham’s Elemental Burst is his most enjoyable ability to employ. You can activate it after gathering enough Energy and filling the Burst bar to deal continual Dendro damage in a large area in front of the fighter. The major reason this ability is enjoyable is that it can continue for varying lengths depending on the Chisel-Light Mirrors in your possession.

When you use the Elemental Burst when you have no Mirrors, it lasts four second. And every Mirror you have adds two seconds to the duration. However, these Mirrors are consumed during the procedure and are the source of your Dendro infusion.

You will receive Mirrors based on the quantity of Mirrors consumed two seconds after using the Burst. Essentially, whether the Burst utilises zero, one, two, or three Mirrors, you’ll get three, two, one, or zero Mirrors. This allows each player to employ his Burst in a variety of ways:

  • You can use your Elemental Burst at zero Mirrors to reclaim all three mirrors you gained from utilising his Elemental Skill and Charged Attack. This allows you to utilise the Dendro Infusion for a longer period of time.
  • Elemental Burst, on the other hand, can used with the three Mirrors obtained through Elemental Skill and Charged Attack to deal ten seconds of continual Dendro damage to the foes in front, but you will lose the Dendro Infusion. Using your Burst in this manner is only effective against groups of foes that you can crowd-control.

If you have Alhaitham’s sixth constellation, this mechanic is radically different. Because it gives you three Mirrors back after your Elemental Burst regardless of the number of Mirrors spent.

Alhaitham Is Great For Exploration

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Elemental Skill Hold

While his Elemental Skill grants you one or two Chisel-Light Mirrors depending on the situation. That isn’t the sole advantage of the ability. When you activate his Skill, you will teleported to the location of the marker you created. You can also use this ability to adjust its direction.

If you appreciate open-world exploring in Genshin Impact, you’ve definitely encountered situations when you can’t get above a given platform due to how it’s constructed. You’d have to travel around and figure out a method to go up there without Alhaitham. You can, however, teleport above any such platforms with his Elemental Skill.

This skill cannot used while flying, climbing, or swimming. Furthermore, at 0 constellations, the ability has an 18-second cooldown. Use this ability for easier exploration only if you are not ready to engage in combat.

Artifact Set Choice Is Important

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Artifact Screen

In the Version 3.0 update, the Deepwood Memories artefact set launched alongside Sumeru in Eggy Car. This set’s four-piece bonus grants you Dendro DMG Bonus and shreds the enemy’s Dendro RES when you deal damage. While this may appear to a safe bet for Alhaitham’s artefacts, it isn’t always a wise option.

In the same realm, an artefact set called Gilded Dreams launched. Which can grant you up to 230 Elemental Mastery depending on your team composition. After reading Alhaitham’s scaling, it’s clear that you should use as much EM as possible on him. There is a way to grant Alhaitham four-piece Gilded Dreams while also having the Dendro RES shred on the enemy.

You can use the four-piece Deepwood Artefact set on another member of the party. The Electro character, for example, can have this set in his Quicken team. While this may reduce their personal damage, Alhaitham’s bonus will compensate.