5 Beginner Tips For Iris Fall

Iris Fall Pointing At White Dot

The perplexing world of Iris Fall can be difficult to navigate, but a few pointers can help.

Iris Fall can be a challenging game due to the quantity of puzzles you must solve in order to progress. The game, which is divided into seven episodes, delivers a wonderful story with no dialogue. You’ll be welcomed by a slew of stunning visuals that will tell you the story.

There are several puzzles of varying complexity levels in each chapter. The puzzles in this game aren’t difficult to understand, but they do need a lot of tenacity and patience. You won’t be able to take a breath while playing this game.

Look Out For The White Dot

Iris Fall Pointing At White Dot

The white dot on the things you can interact with, as illustrated in the image above, is the most crucial feature in the game while you’re trying to solve riddles. Typically, the game will leave you in a large room with no means to begin solving the problem. These white dots will emphasise all of the significant aspects of the current room.

As you approach the object, the dot will vary depending on how you can interact with it. The hand mark will display if you can pick up the object or drop something on it. The cog wheel, on the other hand, will emerge if you can move the object in a specific way.

The books that turn your body into a shadow, on the other hand, will not have the white dot. This is because these books already have their own liveliness, making them difficult to ignore if you pay attention to your surroundings. Furthermore, in order to use these books, you must first solve certain problems.

You Don’t Have To Use Everything

Iris Fall Spark Puzzle With Unused Parts

If there is one thing that all puzzle games have taught players. It is that you must use every tool that is supplied to you for a certain challenge. Iris Fall, on the other hand, fully defies this rule because it’s highly usual to have objects that won’t be used in the game when you’re solving riddles.

In the second and third challenges, for example, one of the wires in the circuit problem is not used. There will be numerous identical puzzles where the items handed to you will be completely useless.

The same is true for the game’s many systems. In the second chapter, you’ll encounter a puzzle in which you must build the suitable path on the shadow to advance to the next location. You’ll have two distinct mechanisms to solve this challenge, but one of them will be absolutely useless.

It’s unusual for a puzzle game to use specific things as bait to deceive players. It not only makes the problems more difficult, but it also allows players to use their imagination in some cases.

Auto Save Has Multiple Uses

Iris Fall Auto Saving Mid Puzzles

Most story-based games have an auto-save feature that saves your progress if your game fails in the middle. While some games offer manual saving in addition to auto-saving, Iris Fall is not one of them. When the game is saved, an eye icon will appear in the top-right corner of your screen.

When it comes to puzzle-solving, however, saving is not the only role of this tool. While it’s very cheesy, you can utilise this mechanic to determine whether or not you solved the puzzle. When you solve some of the riddles, you will see a cutscene. But others will not give you a sign when you are finished.

To get around this, keep an eye on the top-right corner of your screen. While you’re trying to complete a puzzle. You might see the auto-save flashing because you’ve done it. But you can still interact with it and mess it up.

This tool can help you avoid scenarios like this and go to the next level of the game.

Don’t Press Anything Randomly

Iris Fall Lantern Puzzle

The nicest aspect about Iris Fall is that the puzzles are simple to figure out. The core mechanic necessary to solve each puzzle is simple. But it takes a lot of perseverance and right moves to complete them. Because you won’t have any trouble comprehending the puzzle, it’s best not to try clicking random buttons.

Some problems can become considerably more difficult if you randomly press buttons and mess them up. The Rubik’s Cube puzzle in one of the later chapters is a wonderful example of this predicament. If you rotate the blocks in this area at random without considering the eventual result. It will take you far longer to solve it.

The Game Is Pretty Intuitive

Iris Fall Shadow Going Up The Stairs

The devs did an excellent job of making Funny Shooter 2 game highly user-friendly.When you enter a new room, the cat will essentially direct you to the next section. If the cat isn’t there, the game will zoom in on the problem you need to solve, saving you time from travelling around the area.

However, there are many achievements for doing things like running into things on the ground or sitting on a bed. However, for a novice player, this game may be simple to grasp. The authors intended for their players to have difficulty solving the puzzles rather than locating them.