15 Best Items To Stack In Risk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 - Bustling Fungus crossed out - Weeping Fungus

Certain things in Risk of Rain 2 are more valuable than others, and we’ve compiled a list of the finest ones to stock up on.

In Risk Of Rain 2, there are numerous products to choose from. As a result, it might be difficult to recall which goods are the best to go for, especially for rookie players to the game. This is especially true while the Artefact Of Command is activated and you can select your items.

All of the game’s items can be stacked. Stacking items improves the chance that an item’s effect will be triggered or its power boost will be boosted. Some goods are worth stockpiling, while others require only a handful. On any playthrough, stacking equipment is the key to creating an overpowered character.

Voidsent Flame

Void portal and Will o Wisp item from Risk of Rain 2

The corrupted equivalent to the Will-o’-the-Wisp item is Voidsent Flame. Whereas the Wisp explodes foes into explosive flames as soon as you kill them, its corrupted self sets full-health adversaries on fire. While both do damage to nearby adversaries, the visual effect of Voidsent Flames spurting into formerly hearty beasts is a joy.

Furthermore, you do not have to kill your adversaries in order to kick off a chain reaction of flaming explosions. Instead, you simply swipe at the healthy ones and BOOM! You get a firestorm very instantly. Not to be too harsh on the Wisp, but Voidsent Flame is a wonderful item.

Weeping Fungus

Risk of Rain 2 - Bustling Fungus crossed out - Weeping Fungus

Bustling Fungus is fantastic if you’re playing the Engineer and have your sedentary little turrets. However, if you’re playing as any other character, you’ll know that movement is essential for survival in Risk of Rain 2. In fact, sprinting is essential for survival. The Weeping Fungus appears.

Weeping Fungus heals you while you’re sprinting, unlike Bungus, who gives you a healing circle when you’re standing still. That’s right, people. In Risk of Rain 2, you can now run away from danger while being healed. “Wungus” appears to be the new champion healing item in town.

Red Whip

summoned aurelionite during teleporter event at rallypoint delta

Nothing speeds up your character like copious amounts of Red Whip. It grants you a massive speed boost with each stack as long as you haven’t assaulted anything in the previous five seconds. That may appear to be a significant disadvantage, yet it’s invaluable given how quickly you wind up moving once you begin going.

After a few Red Whips, your character’s animation movement cycle appears like a whirlwind. You’ll be able to leave skirmishes faster than the Flash can round the planet. Stacks of Red Whip allow you to obtain much-needed breathing room during boss bouts when you truly need it.


risk of rain 2 wisps with gasoline

Petrol is an excellent way to deliver damage to big groups of adversaries. When Gasoline is in your inventory, it ignites all opponents within a 12-meter radius, causing 150 percent base damage. Because of how near adversaries can get, petrol is a good technique to deal out scattered damage.

Each stack of petrol adds four metres to its radius and increases burn damage by 75%. Because of this, petrol can quickly become highly lethal, annihilating massive hordes in seconds when it has a large stack.

Lens Maker’s Glasses


The Lens-Maker Glasses appeared in the first Risk Of Rain and reappeared in the sequel with the same effect. It gives assaults a 10% chance of critical striking, which does twice damage to enemies hit by it.

One of the best items in Risk Of Rain 2 game, the Lens-Maker Glasses, should be piled early on. It is vital to know, however, that with a stack of ten, you will have a 100% probability of critical striking. That effectively makes you deal double damage for the remainder of the run.

Paul’s Goat Hoof

risk of rain 2 solider on pod with goat hoof

When you wish to increase your speed, Paul’s Goat Hoof is the finest item to employ. It will boost your movement speed by 14%, with an extra 14% with each stack of it. You can greatly improve your movement by using a small bit of Paul’s Goat Hooves.

When you reach the double digits, you can achieve amazing speeds that allow you to quickly swerve in and out of combat. Given how deadly higher levels can be, this talent should not be overlooked.

Harvester’s Scythe

risk of rain 2 fighting pot spider and harvesters scythe

The Harvester’s Scythe is an excellent stacking item since it mixes healing with critical hits. It increases your critical hit chance by 5% and heals you for eight health anytime a critical hit occurs. You gain four health for every stack of a Harvester’s Scythe.

While the critical hit chance never grows in the stack, you can get to the point where you’re guaranteed to heal on every hit by using equipment like the Lens-Maker’s Glasses. Dealing significant quantities of damage while also healing is extremely effective and thrives in aggressive builds.

Tougher Times

risk of rain 2 tougher times in inventory

Tougher Times is a frequent rarity that is one of the greatest defensive items in the game. The item will offer you a 15% chance of neutralising all damage. Each stack of the item will give you 15% more.

Tougher Times at higher stacks are quite unlikely to cause damage. Tougher Time provides you a fifty percent chance with as few as seven stacks, and it only becomes better as you accumulate more. Preventing a potentially lethal attack is something that every run requires, so going for stacks of Tougher Times is fantastic.

Fuel Cell

risk of rain 2 fuel cell in inventory

Some of the best ways to deal out enormous amounts of damage in a short period of time are through the use of equipment. Items like the Sawmerang and Disposable Missile Launcher are extremely lethal against elites and bosses alike, so having extra charges of these is a huge plus.

That is why the Fuel Cell is so perfect for stacking. Each stack of the Fuel Cell will incur an additional equipment price. It also reduces the cooldown of your equipment by 15% for each layer. When you have a lot in the stack, your equipment will virtually always be available for usage.

Hopoo Feather

Risk of Rain 2 Hopoo Feather

The Hopoo Feather has a simple but incredibly helpful impact: picking one up grants you a double leap, greatly boosting your aerial manoeuvrability. The real kicker, however, is stacking it: each feather you stack earns you another hop, with no higher limit.

Stacking enough of them might theoretically ensure that your feet never touch the ground and you are never susceptible to ground-based melee attacks.

Backup Magazine

Risk of Rain 2 Backup Magazine

The Backup Magazine offers an extra charge to your selected character’s secondary (M2) talent. This varies in effectiveness, but when coupled to certain characters, it is completely powerful.

The Huntress is likely the best example of this, since stacking extra charges of her Glaive secondary can transform her into a horde-devastating wonder woman. Snagging them with the Mercenary allows him to unleash his powerhouse attack (either Whirlwind or Rising Thunder) with impunity – just make sure to collect some Soldier’s Syringes to make the most of the Expose debuff.


risk of rain 2 crowbar in purchase capsule

The Crowbar is one of the strongest things for simply increasing your damage. When equipped, you deliver an additional 75% damage to any foes with more than 90% health. Each stack of a Crowbar will also increase damage by 75%.

Crowbars will also have their critical strike multipliers doubled, making them one of the most devastating equipment in Spacebar Clicker game. You’ll cause more damage with two stacks of a Crowbar than you would with one critical hit without it. Because it only works on foes with more than 90% health, it is best suited to characters who use single-hit strikes.

Soldier’s Syringe

risk of rain 2 soldier syringe in inventory

The Soldier’s Syringe is one of the most effective ways to boost your damage output. It will improve your attack speed by 15%, with an additional 15% for each stack. You can do more damage per second by raising your rate of fire.

Because the increase has no cap, the Soldier’s Syringe can cause you to launch many attacks in a single second. Characters with a slower rate of fire, such as the Huntress, benefit greatly because they can shoot as rapidly as characters with automatic shots.

Sticky Bomb

risk of rain 2 first level with sticky bomb

The Sticky Bomb increases your damage output by providing an additional means to contribute splash damage. It gives you a 5% chance of attaching a sticky bomb to an enemy, causing 180 percent damage when it explodes. Each Sticky Bomb stack raises the risk of it igniting by 5%.

With the Sticky Bomb’s abilities, piling it to ensure it always goes off is an excellent approach. The explosion will also hit foes nearby, providing for tremendous damage output, particularly when numerous enemies become linked by one.

7 Leaf Clover

risk of rain 2 57 leaf clover in inventory

The 57 Leaf Clover is unquestionably the best item in the game. When you have an item in your inventory, every effect that is triggered by it is triggered twice if the first time fails. You will receive an additional roll for every 57 Leaf Clover stack you have.

By stacking the 57 Leaf Clover, you effectively ensure that your effects will always happen. The only thing it won’t change is the Tougher Times. The 57 Leaf Clover boosts the power of all your other items and is the best Legendary item in the game.