10 Questions We Have After Finishing Somerville

Somerville Using Flare Light Powers

Whatever ending you receive in Somerville, you will surely have some unanswered questions.

Somerville, a mysterious sci-fi game, has considerably more in common with its contemporaries Limbo and Inside than studio co-founder Dino Patti; the narrative spills out from subtle animation, striking aesthetic, and fantastic set pieces. Beginning with a family in their remote country home, an extraterrestrial invasion takes control and propels you ahead.

With ups and downs and lots of disaster, everything feels hazy and unsure. Somerville, like its brethren Limbo and Inside, lacks language and story guidance, relying instead on your views and leaving a lot to your imagination.

Humans And The Alien Energies?

Somerville Using Flare Light Powers

A craft crashes through the family’s residence not long after the aliens assault the world. A human leans out of the crashed craft and transmits the blue light power that melts alien electronics to the man.

Given the recent invasion, did humans already possess these abilities prior to the invasion? Is this a scene from Area 51? We humans enjoy interfering.

Were Humans Experimenting With The Alien Energy Powers?

Somerville Houses And Alien Structures

So, assuming the above is correct, are the aliens invading because humans abuse their power? Perhaps even abusing it? There is already some evidence to support this theory.

The individual who crashed was wearing a high-tech outfit and piloting a high-tech ship. Furthermore, we can only assume that they were already familiar with how to use these new abilities. The aliens were not discriminatory; they showed no mercy. Did they intend to wipe the Earth before humanity could fight back?

How Long Was He Unconscious?

somerville man in basement

The family man looked to die after the blue power was transferred from the wrecked hero to him. He couldn’t have been unconscious since his family wouldn’t have abandoned him. So he most likely died, with the blue light power resurrecting him.

How long had he been ‘dead’? His beard hadn’t reached biblical proportions, but without a clock or calendar to corroborate, we can only guess it was longer than a few days but less than two weeks.

Who Was The Man’s Wife?

Somerville Family on sofa

The man is reunited with his wife, child, and dog after being rescued and healing in a shelter beneath what appears to be a shopping mall. The man is plainly hurt as a result of his numerous slips and mishaps.

He starts following his wife around the shelter, where she is spotted multiple times accessing medical supplies after persuading a guard to let her and the family in. Was she already employed by the government? Did she have access to high-level security? Or was she simply a doctor who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Why Did The Family Leave The Shelter?

Somerville Family Running From Aliens

Everyone has been reunited, the man has received medical treatment from his wife, and they are walking out of the shelter. His wife waves her hand, and the guard lets them through into a war-torn planet.

They move barriers and squeeze through gaps together, all while their kid is strapped to its mother’s bosom – thankfully, we don’t have to totter around as the baby in an actual wasteland. Leaving the shelter and finally getting pinned down in a church as aliens attempted to kill them was an insane decision.

How Many Were Killed During The Invasion?

Somerville Approaching The Stage

Given that we only see the invasion in one country. It’s difficult to say how much havoc the aliens brought with them. We may estimate that many people died in the immediate vicinity of the man as he goes through what appears to be a music festival.

Before you even get to the stage, there are tents as far as the eye can see. And it’s improbable that they all fit into the shopping centre. When you combine this with the annihilating purple light and the four-legged robotic beings terrorising the area, the body count is incalculable.

What Happened To The Purple Hero?

Somerville church chase sequence

Following the chase through town and the standoff atop the church steeple, our hero is apprehended by shady government authorities. He is later shown exercising his abilities alongside the purple hero at an undersea base.

The devastating purple power propels you off into space towards the alien mothership ala Independence Day, using a combination of blue and red powers. So, what happens to purple? Did they perish upon entry? Were they apprehended when the man was making his way through the ship?

What About The Simulations?

Somerville simulations mothership

We observe the man linking himself to big orbs via the purple light in Somerville ‘s dreamy endgame. Once linked, we observe other people, usually children, who appear to be trapped in a life simulation. One child is alone in a bedroom, while another is riding a bike down a lonely road.

The man manipulates these situations in order to save others inside. Are they expelled from the actual world? Were they kidnapped and hooked up to computers, as if they’d been plugged into The Matrix. And our man is killing them by breaking the connection?

Which Is The ‘True’ Ending?

Somerville Alien Ending

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve almost certainly reached the end of Somerville. Well, one of many ‘endings’. None of the endings appear to be canonical, and the genuine conclusion is almost certainly the one that feels the most satisfactory to you.

However, given Basket Random game’s overall bleakness, there’s a case to be made for going inside the virtual house and finding some sense of home. Alternatively, you might unleash your rage and activate the purple power, decimating almost everything in the hopes of eliminating the alien danger.

Why Couldn’t The Man Pet The Dog?

Somerville running through wasteland

Okay, so this is quite likely the most crucial item on this list. You can crouch down and snuggle the dog during the opening while toddling around as the family’s child. No button click, however, would replicate the fuzzy squeeze when roaming the wasteland as the man. The man could have used some familial consolation at that point.