10 Best Weapon Upgrades In Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal has gone above and beyond to improve on previous incarnations, and these are the coolest weapon upgrades in the latest installment.

The Doom 2016 added a slew of new weaponry and upgrades for players to earn while shooting Hell’s armies. Doom Eternal, like its predecessor, offers a plethora of weapon mods and upgrades for players to acquire.

Fan favourites such as the Combat Shotgun’s Sticky Bombs are back, as are new features such as the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook. There is a weapon mod for everyone’s playstyle. With Doom Eternal’s emphasis on more strategic gameplay, it’s more crucial than ever to choose the appropriate tool for the task. Lock and load as we count down the finest weapon upgrades for your favourite mods in Doom Eternal first. This article includes minor Doom Eternal battle spoilers.

Plasma Rifle: Microwave Beam – Faster Beam Charge

Doom Eternal Plasma Rifle Microwave Beam Mod

With the Microwave Beam attachment, the Plasma Rifle can cook demons alive with the strength of microwaves. It kills demons slowly, but the utility provided by this mod is too wonderful to pass up.

Every demon in the beam’s path will be stopped and unable to move as the beam slowly charges up. When the charge is depleted, the demon explodes, inflicting damage on all adjacent opponents.

This weapon is prohibitively sluggish until you gain the Faster Beam Charge upgrade, which reduces channelling time by 66%. To battle the Mutated Seraphim boss, you must use this weapon, and that boss is likely to be impossible to beat without the use of this upgrade, therefore grab it early.

Ballista: Destroyer Blade – Charging Blast

Doom Eternal Ballista Destroyer Blade Mod

While the Ballista is a weakened version of Doom 2016’s Gauss Cannon. It is still a potent weapon that causes significant damage with each shot. The Ballista in Doom Eternal can be equipped with the Destroyer Blade attachment, which releases a wide blade of energy after a long windup period. The blade itself is extremely powerful, easily killing all but the toughest demons with a single strike.

Because landing a precise shot with so many moving targets is difficult, the learning curve for this weapon is considerable. However, the Charging Blast upgrade fixes this problem by stunning foes once fully charged. This opens the door for you to unleash the perfect shot, wiping out hordes of opponents at once.

Rocket Launcher: Remote Detonate – Concussive Blast

Doom Eternal Rocket Launcher Remote Detonate Mod

In contrast to most games, the Rocket Launcher in Doom Eternal functions more as a utility weapon than a true weapon of mass destruction. It still does damage, but it’s best employed for crowd control. The Rocket Launcher can detonate its payload before it strikes an item with the Remote Detonate mod, allowing you to destroy a group of foes while the rocket is still in flight.

On rougher terrain, the cost of a stun is simply unbeatable. The rocket launcher’s damage speaks for itself, but adding the ability to stun with the Concussive Blast upgrade makes it a valuable utility weapon when trouble approaches.

Ballista: Arbalest – Full Speed

Doom Eternal Ballista Arbalest Mod

The Destroyer Blade is excellent at slaughtering hordes of demons, but it lacks long-range skills. The Arbalest mod more than compensates for this. This charged shot releases an energy bolt that detonates after a brief period of time. Not only does it deal incredible damage, but it may also instantly kill Cacodemons and severely hurt Pain Elementals.

It’s a shame because charging it up provides a vulnerability for the Slayer with such a destructive single shot. Thankfully, the Full Speed upgrade solves this problem by increasing speed while charging the gun and preventing foes from gaining free shots. Players are hoping that this is one of the modifications that will carry over to the sequel.

Heavy Cannon: Precision Bolt – Fast Loader

Doom Eternal Heavy Cannon Precision Bolt Mods

Aiming down sights in a fast game like Doom Eternal sounds like a bad idea. What changed since it was arguably the worst weapon attachment in Doom 2016? When mastered, the attachment now has the ability to blow up the enemy’s skull.

When you receive the Fast Loader upgrade, it becomes even more powerful. Giving a 20% boost to fire speed may not appear to be powerful. But this gap allows players to get two headshots in on monsters while they are stunned instead of one. That’s twice damage versus the most difficult adversaries in the game.

Combat Shotgun: Full Auto – Fast Feet

Doom Eternal Combat Shotgun Full Auto Mods

If Doom 2016 wasn’t enough metal for you, try a fully automatic Combat Shotgun. This attachment is a lot of fun to use. But it also has some gameplay peculiarities that no other attachment has.

The Combat Shotgun’s Full Auto patch, in particular, can get around Doom Eternal’s stringent ammo economy. When you use this fire style to kill a demon, you can retrieve shotgun rounds from their body. However, the best improvement to this mod occurs when you do not have to shoot at all. Simply donning it improves the Slayer’s movement speed by 20%. In a game where movement is so important, this speed boost is crucial.

Plasma Rifle: Heat Blast – Super Heated Rounds

Doom Eternal Plasma Rifle Heat Blast Mod

Aside from its ability to damage shields, the Plasma Rifle is a poor choice in most situations when compared to the Chaingun, Super Shotgun, or Combat Shotgun.

Until you have the Heat Blast mod, that is. This mod adds a pseudo-shotgun blast alternate fire to the Plasma Rifle. Keep the trigger depressed, and the gun will heat up, allowing you to unleash a destructive blast in front of you. This building period is faster with Super Heated Rounds, offering a lovely balance between the single target primary fire ability and this area-of-effect Heat Blast mod.

Chaingun: Mobile Turret – Rapid Deploy

Doom Eternal Chaingun Mobile Turret Mod

Miniguns are powerful weapons in most video games, blazing with limited ammo to deliver ludicrous levels of damage. Doom Eternal found a way to turn miniguns from previous games into one of Tunnel Rush game’s most potent weapons, making them seem uninteresting in comparison.

This mod is the finest in terms of raw damage per second. But it takes so long to deploy that it’s commonly considered suicide to enter this mode. Rapid Deploy, thankfully, cuts this transformation period in half, making it a perfect weapon against bosses and larger monsters when they are stunned.

Combat Shotgun: Sticky Bomb – Bigger Boom

Doom Eternal Combat Shotgun Sticky Bombs Mods

Whatever the situation, the Combat Shotgun Sticky Bomb mod has you covered. At first glance, it appears to be a terrible Rocket Launcher, yet appearances can be misleading. When improved, the Sticky Bomb outperforms the Rocket Launcher.

It has more ammo, faster movement, and nearly as much damage. The only disadvantage is the explosion radius, although the Bigger Boom upgrade increases the explosion magnitude by 45%. The best Slayer skins will be debated. But none can deny the usefulness of this improvement.

Super Shotgun: Improvements – Quick Hook

Doom Eternal Super Shotgun Improvements Mod

The Meat Hook on the Super Shotgun does not do damage or stun enemies. Instead, it grants the Doomslayer incredible mobility.

Chaining to a demon will propel the Doomslayer towards it, providing an excellent opportunity to blow the demon to smithereens. Alternatively, you can use the hook like a catapault, flinging yourself across the arena towards a more advantageous position with your newfound velocity. The Quick Hook Improvement shortens the time it takes to grapple. Which is essential on higher difficulties when players need another mode of movement. This is extremely useful when battling the Dark Lord.