Reserve these flowers for a funeral

Funerals are one of those occasions that tell us about the fact that one day we would go to the same place as the person is lying today. That means everything on this earth that has taken birth shall return back to the same Earth or to the soil and nature from where the game first stop hence from time to time they keep telling us that even though we are relinquishing of ourselves in the worldly desires and living a really fancy and rich life we will come to an end someday.

That is why we must remember to be good human beings first job and as responsible human beings it is our duty to have the right kind of flower arrangements done on a funeral if you are arranging one or if you have to send it to a funeral then make sure that you send the correct flowers first stop and that is by to clear your confusions once and for all I have brought a good list of those flowers that you can send on the funerals of your loved ones or any one of your acquaintances if you’re not able to make it up on time to offer your condolences. Let’s take a look at these funeral flowers – 

  1. Lilies 

Lily’s always come to our mind when we think of any funeral. It is for a particular reason because Lily has long living symbolism connected to Virgin Mary representing peace, purity and innocence. Lilies are certainly quite calming to the eyes and to most people around you and they have a very mild fragrance that just makes them perfect plus their white color is representative of innocence, purity and rebirth.

If you’re looking for a serene and sophisticated funeral then lily should be your perfect choice and whether you’re going to send these flowers to a funeral should be the perfect choice you ever made as they will create a calming and serene atmosphere near the passerby and soothe his family. Lilies can be arranged into any shape depending upon your relation with the loved one. And if you are not able to attend the funeral, then be kind enough to choose an online flower delivery in Bangalore for the departed soul. 

  1. Orchids 

Orchids are among the best and most beautiful ornamental flowers and they have become part of almost all the celebrations and when they are part of celebrations in some cultures that has also considered a celebration where the departed one is considered to have taken not just to rebirth but their soul is free from this world now that is the belief. Orchids represent your undying love for the departed soul and it doesn’t matter what color you’ve used. But to show sympathy to the departed souls family ideally you should offer them either white or pink orchids. White orchids symbolize nobility and regards for the departed one. Phalaenopsis orchids are amongst the best varieties as they side well with all kinds of allergies and are more elegant than lilies and these are found in pink color. 

  1. Chrysanthemums 

While there are many conclusions about in various cultures about when to give Crescent moons like an ancient culture you will find the represent rebirth and new life hence they are idle for her to be given on baby showers and certain happy occasions otherwise in European countries you’ll find that chrysanthemums are popular choice for funeral days. Apart from this chrysanthemums would be perfect if you are willing to set up a mourning post the funeral.  Of course you may think that chrysanthemums have been a part of birthday bouquets so far. However white chrysanthemums symbolize grief and mourning and would be ideal to keep a few in the premises as to honor the departed soul. 

  1. Roses 

I can understand your shock over roses but trust me Rose’s can be amazing funeral flowers as they have stopped the list of being the most widely available and purchased flowers not just for happy occasions but for funerals as well. You can send anh kind of roses depending upon the relation you held with the departed soul. Roses make up for a perfect bouquet when combined with some green foliage like dusty miller. Crimson red rose signifies your undying love, whereas other colors such white, beige and ivory show sympathy towards the departed soul. 

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  1. Bouquet of flowers 

You’re not able to make up to our loved ones funeral and that is one of the biggest regrets in our life but even though you may not be able to attend the funeral ceremony made sure to take some time out and either go to the morning or it wasn’t the family but in the meanwhile do send flowers to Bangalore online to offer your condolences. However this time instead of a particular flower you can send a bouquet of flowers like pink roses, red roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, orchids, and several other flowers.