How Do You Pick the Best International Dubai Secondary School for Your Child?

Moving your family to Dubai can be an exciting adventure, but there are specific challenges that come with it. One of the challenges is to find a proper international school for your child; you would desire not only a good level of education but also a convenient location.

You must find an international Dubai secondary school for your child where they can make new friends, settle well, and be happy. Plus, they can gain rapid strides in academics with quality education on offer in Dubai.

As a parent, you may get overwhelmed by the situation as Dubai is an entirely new city for you and your family. In this guide, you will learn some of the best ways to choose an international school in Dubai for your child.

Choosing an International Dubai Secondary School

Some of the top things that must be on your checklist are as follows:

1. Applications

The way to apply to your child’s school of choice may not be that important, but it must be the first thing on your checklist. 

This is because there are many international schools in Dubai that have waiting lists, and there are some schools that do not allow children to join in the middle of the academic year. 

This is why it is essential that you check the application procedure before you check the various extracurricular activities the school provides. Before enrolling your child in a Dubai secondary school, it is important that you make a note of application deadlines and other documents/paperwork that are required before time.

The top international schools will also request official grade reports, and your child may also need to sit for an entrance exam. You must remember that the waiting lists can be long, so you must start your international school search for your child and fill in the applications in advance.

2. Fees and costs

For most expat families, the deciding factor in the choice of international schools is the cost. If budget is an essential consideration for you, you must know that the yearly fee is not the reflection of the full cost of an international school. There are international schools that charge an extra fee for the initial year, and yearly fees per academic year.

Before you opt for primary school admission for your child, know that if you work in Dubai, you can have your employer cover part of the fees. If your employer covers the fees of your child, you can enjoy a little more flexibility. 

But it is important that you consider the overall cost every year and factor this into your budget. There are some international schools that may be able to provide a full breakdown for you.

The school fees for a Dubai secondary school also vary across the world. If you are looking to relocate to Dubai, it is best that you visit specific websites to take a look at the cost comparison between different international schools in Dubai. This can provide you with a better idea of what to do next.

3. Curriculum/Ethos

After you have found all the international schools in Dubai that are within your budget, look for the ethos and curriculum of the international schools. In terms of languages, English is a popular language of instruction in international schools. But there are some schools where that teach different languages to students, such as Arabic, French, and German.

If your children do not speak English, you must ensure that there is a program that can help them speed up in time. You can also consider providing lessons in the country’s local language for your child. You must check whether the instructor is fluent in English or can speak the native language.

Before you opt for primary school admission for your child, you must also choose a curriculum. Some of the usual choices of curriculum would be the national English, American curricula, or the International Baccalaureate. 

There are smaller international schools that may teach only one curriculum, but there are other larger schools that may teach more than one. 

Take Care of Your Child’s Needs Before Primary School Admission.

This is one of the important things to consider when choosing an international school in Dubai. Your child’s needs should triumph over every other consideration. Your main priority and aim must be to get the best education for your child as possible. 

Your child or children must be concerned about not only making new friends but also having fun, among other things. It is important that you discuss the subject with them and ensure that they are happy about your choice of an international school.

You must take the strength and the weakness of your child into consideration and factor them into your international school search. Know whether your child is creative, has an active mind, loves sports, and then choose a school that can help them work on their strengths and weaknesses. There are various international schools in Dubai for you to choose from.

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