Where to open a mutual fund and how to invest?

If you’re new to investing and have some money that you can set aside for at least three years, you can use a straightforward investment option called ‘Mutual Funds’. On your behalf, an asset management firm (AMC) that has obtained the necessary Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) licensing invests the funds in securities or other financial assets to generate profits, gains, and income. This article will explain ‘Where to open a mutual fund and how to invest?

Secure your financial future with SECP-regulated AMCs by investing in mutual funds 

A mutual fund is a collective investment scheme that collects money from many investors. In Pakistan, you can open a mutual fund account with any of the registered Asset Management Companies (AMCs) that are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). 

There are two types of mutual funds:

  • An open-end funds
  • Closed-end funds 

Below is a brief guide to elaborate on’ Where to open a mutual fund and how to invest?

Where to open?

Some of the popular AMCs in Pakistan include:

  • National Investment Trust (NIT)
  • HBL Asset Management Limited
  • Al Meezan Investment Management Limited
  • MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited
  • UBL Fund Managers Limited

How to invest?

To invest in a mutual fund in Pakistan, you can follow these steps:


Do your research and identify the mutual funds you want to invest in. Further, check the fund’s performance history, expense ratio, investment strategy, and other details to make an informed decision.

Choose an AMC

 Research different AMCs and select one that meets your investment goals and preferences. Further, if you want luxurious and secure life at affordable rates, you can read about Lahore Smart City Location Map.

Open an account

Once you have identified the mutual funds you want to invest in, contact the relevant AMC to open an account. Further, you will need to fill out some paperwork and provide some personal information and documentation to complete the account opening process. Contact AMC or visit their website to open an account. Moreover, you will need to provide personal and financial information, such as your name, address, and bank account details.

Choose a fund

Once your account is set up, you can choose a mutual fund based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Deposit funds

After opening your mutual fund account, you will need to deposit the funds you want to invest. Further, this can be done via online banking, check deposit, or wire transfer.


You can invest in a mutual fund by transferring funds to your AMC account through online banking or other payment methods. Further, you may also have the option to invest through a broker.

·         Choose your investment

 Once your account is funded, you can choose the mutual funds you want to invest in and the amount you want to invest. You can invest a lump sum amount or opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) that allows you to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals.

Monitor your investment

 Keep track of your investment by reviewing your account statements and performance reports regularly to track its performance and make any necessary adjustments based on your investment goals and risk tolerance. Capital Smart City is an ideally located society offering premium amenities.

Following are some further points about ‘Where to open a mutual fund and how to invest?

How to invest in Mutual Funds?

Here are four ways to begin investing:

Financial advisors

Typically, advisors and wealth managers not only suggest investing in mutual funds (MFs) but also assist with the purchase process. Further, to learn more about investing in MFs consider reaching out to your advisor for guidance.

Through your broker 

If you already have a trading account with a broker, you can contact your brokerage firm to purchase mutual funds (MFs). Additionally, they can recommend MF schemes that are best suited to your investment profile

From your banks

Many banks provide a range of investment products, including mutual funds (MFs). Contact your banker today to explore your options and learn more about investing in MFs. Further, to grab profitable investment opportunities, you can check Nova City Islamabad Balloting Results.

Buy MFs online

In addition, you can conveniently purchase mutual funds (MFs) online via various channels, such as your internet or mobile banking app, trading account, bank account, or the fund’s website. Further, simply log in now to explore your options and start investing in MFs. 

A final word

It is always recommended to consult with a financial advisor or investment professional before investing in mutual funds or any other investment option. Hopefully, the article on ‘Where to open a mutual fund and how to invest, will be informative and helpful