How To Record Google Voice Calls On PC?

Many times we need to record call content to save important information, but not all call tools allow users to record call content. As the most popular calling application, Google Voice has a large number of users. Sometimes, you may need to record a Goole Voice call. So, how to do it?

Record Google Voice Calls On PC Using iTop Screen Recorder

In a variety of circumstances, including recording an essential interview or conference call, grabar llamadas de Google Voice on a computer can be useful. You may record Google Voice calls on your PC using the screen recording program iTop Sreen Recorder, the steps of utilizing iTop grabador de pantallato record Google Voice calls on your PC are as follows:

Step 1: Download And Install iTop Screen Recorder

Installing iTop Screen Recorder on your PC is the first step. It is available for download from the official website and other reliable sources. Install the software on your PC by following the installation tutorial when it has been downloaded.

Step 2: Launch iTop Screen Recorder

Start iTop Screen Recorder once the installation process is finished. Alternatively, you can click on the desktop icon or conduct a search for the program on your computer.

Step 3: Pick The Recording Mode Option

There is a primary menu with various recording options once the software has been launched. Due to the fact that you will be recording a Google Voice call, choose the “Record audio” mode. If recording a video call, select the recording screen mode, and select “Full Screen” or “Custom Area”. Whether recording voice call or video call, don’t forget to activate the microphone and speaker.

Step 4: Adapt Recording Settings

The recording parameters can be adjusted to your tastes before you start the recording. When you click the “Settings” icon, you may choose the audio format, audio source, and audio quality. Make sure to use “System Sound” as the audio source while recording Google Voice calls in order to record with audio.

Step 5: Start The Google Voice Call

Begin the Google Voice call that you want to record. To allow the software to record the audio, make sure the “Speaker” option is selected in the call options.

Step 6: Start Recording

Click the “REC” button to begin the recording after adjusting the recording settings. The software will give you a 3 second countdown after you hit the button before the recording begins.

Step 7: Stop The Recording

Stop the recording by selecting “Stop” on the toolbar when the Google Voice call has ended. According to the chosen audio format, the software will automatically save the recorded video.

Step 8: Listen To The Recording

The recorded video can be viewed in My Creations > Audio, if necessary, after the recording is stopped. A built-in denoiser in iTop Screen Recorder can be used to remove the background noise.


With the help of iTop Screen Recorder, record Google Voice call on a PC is simple. Your Google Voice calls can be recorded and saved for later use if you take the steps mentioned above. Aside from screen and audio recording, iTop Screen Recorder also has extra functions like video editing that let you edit the recorded video to fit your needs.

  •   Online Meetings Recording With No Watermark And Time Limit

iTop Screen Recorder does not add any watermark to your online meeting recording. You can record online meetings as long as you want without worrying about any annoying logo or text on your video.

iTop Screen Recorder does not have any time limit for recording. You can record your online meeting from start to finish without any interruption or restriction.

  •       Built-In Video Editor ForEditing

iTop Screen Recorder has a built-in video editor that lets you trim, crop, cut, merge, rotate, and adjust your online meeting recording. You can also add filters, effects, transitions, music, subtitles, and more to enhance your video.

  •       Multiple Output Formats

iTop Screen Recorder can convert your online meeting recording to various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, GIF, and more. You can also adjust the video quality, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and codec according to your needs.

  •       Share Your Online Meeting Recording To Social Media Platforms

iTop Screen Recorder can help you share your online meeting recording to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can also upload your video to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.


As you can see, iTop Screen Recorder is an easy and free way to record online meetings on your Windows PC. You can download it from the official website and start recording your online meetings with just a few clicks. iTop Screen Recorder is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It is also safe and secure to use without any virus or malware.

If you want to record online meetings with ease and efficiency, don’t hesitate to try iTop Screen Recorder today!