Singapore citizen’s guide to getting an Indian visa


With the rise of globalization, the concept of international travel for business or personal purposes has increased immensely. Different countries across the world have their own regulations and entry requirements for citizens of other countries. India is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from Russia and Singapore. Getting an Indian visa is necessary to visit India and depend on the purpose of journey and the citizen’s nationality.

Obtaining a visa for Indian travel can be a confusing and difficult process for many foreigners. Depending on a foreigner’s nationality, the process may be easier or more difficult. Russian and Singaporean citizens have much to consider when attempting to secure an Indian visa.

In what ways do Indian visas have cons?

INDIAN VISA FOR RUSSIAN CITIZENS, getting an Indian visa is relatively easy with fewer documents needed and shorter waiting times than most other countries. Tourists getting an Indian visa to India need to produce a passport with six months validity and an Indian visa based on the length and purpose of their visit. Russians must fill in the Electronic Visa (e-Visa) form and upload their passport and a photograph while the Indian visa fee is accepted online. An e-Visa application can be made directly to the Indian government online and is usually processed within two to four working days.

If a Russian citizen is visiting India for more than 180 days then they need a medical visa. Medical visas are granted by Indian authorities for 60 days and are renewable for one year and multiple times for a maximum of 5 years. In addition to the usual application for an Indian visa, Russian citizens must also provide evidence of medical treatment along with a Letter of Admission from a recognized hospital or institution in India

How does an Indian visa differ from a Singapore visa?

For Singaporeans, getting an Indian visa is relatively straightforward. They just need to fill a form and attach the necessary documents including the passport, two passport-size photos, the visa fee which is accepted online, and proof of residence in Singapore. Singapore citizens are only eligible for an e-Visa and the processing time is usually within four working days of the submission.

If a Singaporean is visiting India for more than 180 days then they also need a special medical visa. The Indian visa requirements for a medical visa are similar to that of a Russian tourist i.e., they must provide a Letter of Admission from a recognized hospital or institution in India.

In summary, getting an Indian visa is relatively simple for INDIAN VISA FOR SINGAPORE CITIZENS. The tourist visa or e-Visa can be obtained quickly and easily as long as the applicant meets the requirements and presents the necessary documents. For medical visits, a valid Letter of Admission from a recognized hospital or institution in India is required along with the other documents.

Is it possible to extend or change my Indian visa once I have obtained it?

Russia and Singapore are in the top five countries where most tourists originate from, yet the process for getting an Indian visa for citizens of these countries is not the same. An e-Visa, or online visa, is available for both Russian and Singaporean nationals who wish to visit India for up to 60 days. The e-Visa is valid for any of India’s main ports of entry, and eligible travelers can submit their applications three months before their scheduled arrival date.

In addition to the e-Visa, a regular tourist visa is also available. Singaporean nationals are eligible for a regular tourist visa, which is valid for one to six months and includes multiple entries. Russian citizens may not apply for a regular tourist visa and instead must apply for a multi-city visa. The multi-city visa is valid for up to a year and allows the traveler to enter and exit India multiple times during that period.

Indian visa requirements: what are they?

Other factors that are required when applying for an Indian visa include documents such as a passport, supporting papers, and photographs. The passport must have a validity of at least six months before the date of entry into India for both Russian and Singaporean citizens. Additionally, proof of financial stability, a valid return ticket and a duly signed application form are also essential.

Travelers should be aware that they are also required to state the duration of their stay in India and provide details of their lodging. Visas require payment in local currency, and a fee is assessed for each type of visa. The fees for both Russian and Singaporean nationals are the same and are subject to change. There are also restrictions on what type of work may be undertaken in India, and visitors should research this before applying for a visa.


Getting an Indian visa for both Russian and Singaporean citizens can be complex, but with the correct information and documents, the process should not be too time-consuming or difficult. Understanding what documents and fees are required, along with the type of visa for which citizens of both countries are eligible, can make the process much smoother and easier.