Can I use Google Voice with a non US number?

There are certain things that you can do with your Google Voice number. This number gives you the opportunity to make and receive calls using your computer or cell phone. You can also set up different voice messages for various numbers. You can also record your own personal voicemail. You can use the Google Voice app on your smartphone to manage your voicemail, texts, and incoming calls.

How to set up your Google Voice number:

*You can use your Google Voice number as your cell phone number.

*You can have Google Voice forward calls to your regular cell phone.

*You can also use Google Voice to answer Buy Google Voice Accounts your phone calls using your computer.

*You can manage your voicemails and text messages using the Google Voice app.

Google Voice is free. You can register for Google Voice here. This website will help you to create your Google Voice account. The instructions to sign up for the account are also given here. You can read about all the features offered by Google Voice here.

The best time to set up Google Voice is when you sign up for a new cell phone service. Make sure that you are signing up for the service at the same time that you register for Google Voice.