Do you pay upfront for removals?

When you are thinking about moving house, it’s very important to be organized, especially if you have lots of stuff to pack and move. As long as you are moving locally, you may be able to avoid paying upfront for your house removals. If you do decide to pay upfront, here are some factors that you should take into consideration before making a decision:

When do you need to pay

Do you need to pay within a certain amount of time after you’ve made the initial call to move house? Some removal companies offer different payment options.

Will your stuff be packed and waiting for you when you come home? It’s easier to pay on the way if you’re packing your stuff while the movers are Affordable Removals Bristol on the way!

Is it a good idea to pay at the same time you book? It’s difficult to estimate how much your stuff will cost to remove.

Does your company offer discounts? Some removal companies provide free quotes with no strings attached.

What will happen to my belongings if I don’t pay? There is a chance your things won’t be removed unless you’ve paid.

Do you need to have a credit card on file? Sometimes it’s necessary to have a credit card on file to allow them to book your removal.

Are you paying for storage?