How To Get A Skilled Visa Australia!

How To Get A Skilled Visa Australia

For skilled migrants, Australia is an exceedingly desirable destination. Anyone looking to live and work in Australia can apply for a skilled migration visa through the Skill Select scheme. By combining their credentials, professional experience, and language skills to satisfy Australian immigration standards, qualified worker applicants can obtain a permanent Australia visa under the Skills elect scheme.

To address Australia’s talent shortages, skilled individuals or families seeking permanent immigration to Australia may apply for a skilled visa. The General Skilled Migration programme offers either independent (skilled independent visa), state or territory-sponsored, or family-supported permanent visas (skilled nominated visa) subject to a points test. The General Skilled Migration program’s Skilled Occupation List specifies which professions may apply for permanent residency under it. 

Types Of Skilled Visas In Australia

There are various types of skilled visas available in Australia. Each skilled visa comes with a specification that differentiates it from other categories. Following are the skilled visas in Australia-

  1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Visa subclass 189 is a permanent residency permit for those who do not need sponsorship from an employer. A family member, or a State or Territory Government but have the education and experience required to meet Australia’s skill gaps.

  1. Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

A State-selected point-based visa called a “skilled nominated visa” enables skilled professionals to live and work continuously in Australia. An applicant must first receive a nomination from an Australian state or territory government agency to apply for this visa subclass 190.

  1. Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489 (Provisional)

489 skilled visa is a short-term visa available to applicants with the qualifications and expertise in high demand in one of Australia’s states or regional territories. With this visa, the applicant can spend up to 4 years living and working in Australian territories. However, he must select a profession from the pertinent occupation list and obtain sponsorship from the specific Australian state or territory for which he is applying.

  1. Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 (Permanent)

The Skilled Regional visa 887 is a permanent residence visa for skilled temporary visa holders who have lived in the designated regional area of Australia for at least two years and have at least twelve months of work experience. When applying for this visa in Australia, the applicant must be present.

  1. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482

When talented Australian workers are scarce, firms can address the issue by hiring skilled foreign workers thanks to the temporary skill shortage visa. While guaranteeing that Australian employees receive preference, it permits the recruitment of foreign workers to meet momentary skill shortages. Holders with TSS visas may be able to pursue permanent residency while working in Australia in the profession of their choice.

Steps To Get A Skilled Visa Australia

To get a skilled migration visa in Australia, an applicant has to follow the following steps –

  1. Skill Assessment

The applicant must have professionally evaluated talents if he wants to immigrate to Australia as a skilled worker. The Department of Home Affairs of the Australian government has authorised talented candidates in Australia to evaluate credentials for employment in Australia.

Before he can apply for a visa to travel to Australia. He will need a letter stating the results of the migration skills assessment. The applicant must score at least 65 points on the point test, the basis of which is the skill assessment.

  1. Skilled Occupation List

The applicant’s occupation for an Australian employer must be on the skilled occupation list. In Australia, there are three categories of skills occupation list, short-term skills occupation list (STSOL), medium. And long-term strategic skill list(MLTSSL), and regional occupation list (ROL). 

  1. Expression Of Interest

To apply for a skilled visa in Australia. The applicant must submit an Expression of interest that shows the applicant’s interest in applying for a skilled migration visa.

  1. Invitation To Apply

After satisfying the above requirements. The applicant will receive an invitation to apply for a skilled visa from the department of home affairs.

  1. Apply For The Visa

After receiving an invitation to apply, the applicant will apply for the relevant skilled visa he has chosen. 


A Best Immigration Agent In Perth will help the applicant get the correct skilled visa according to his purpose. Assisting the applicant through each step of the immigration procedure and submitting an application to the Department of Home Affairs with all necessary documentation will be his responsibility.

When there is a skilled worker shortage in Australia and employers can not fill this scarcity within Australia, they have to look for talent outside Australia. Here arises the need for a skilled migration visa which the skilled worker must hold to stay in Australia. 

However, when the applicant does not receive any nomination by the state/territory government of Australia or has sponsorship from an Australian standard employer, he can apply for a skilled independent visa subclass 189.

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