Can my doctor do my HGV medical?

You should make sure that you inform your doctor if you have ever had an accident or been involved in an accident involving a vehicle. Your doctor will ask questions about your injuries. The doctor will want to know the extent of your injuries and whether you were treated after the accident.

He or she will also examine you and take x-rays. If you are asked to go to the hospital, you’ll need to inform the doctor about any other health Hgv medical willenhall problems or medications you’re taking. If you are taking any medication that could affect your ability to drive, you should tell the doctor. You may be asked to return for further examination. Your driving licence will need renewing.

The police officer will need to look over your vehicle and its controls before he or she lets you drive. You may be told to do some driving practice in case you need to undergo more tests. A blood test may be carried out. Your blood pressure will be taken. You may be given a fitness test or a driving test. You may also be given a special test if you have had a recent accident.

Your doctor may need to monitor your health over a long period of time. Your doctor will ask you questions about your medical history. He or she will check your eyesight, hearing and your reaction times. Your doctor will talk to your parents and your relatives.