What makes a laptop last longer?

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The biggest mistake that a lot of people make when they buy a new computer is not buying RAM. People forget about adding RAM to their computers. If you do not have enough RAM, your computer will slow down. If your computer becomes slower, it means that it will use more memory in order to run at full capacity. If you don’t add more RAM, your computer will only be able to do one or two things at once and not be able to multitask as it was designed to do. One of the best ways to know what kind of memory you should add is to measure the number best laptop deals of megabytes that are being used right now. If you are using 10-15 MB, it means that you need to add some memory.

Here is an easy way to check if your computer has enough RAM. Just open Task Manager in the Windows Control Panel, right-click on the memory bar, select “Change settings” and you will see the total RAM that your system is using. You should aim to upgrade it to at least 2 GB and preferably 4 GB.

This will allow your computer to run much faster and also it will give you better performance.

If you have a tablet, you can use some apps to make sure that you have sufficient memory for it.