Read And Know The Caring Tips For Strelitzia Nicolai

Bird of Paradise is the best indoor plant to make a statement. It is also known as Strelitzia Nicolai. It takes plant styling to a whole new level. With proper care, this well-known plant grows huge leaves that make a tropical focal point. However, the flowers may be the most beautiful part of this plant. The unique name of this houseplant comes from the fact that its beautiful flowers look like birds. Most strelitzia won’t bloom indoors, which is a shame, but we’re really here for the leaves. If you properly take care of your Strelitzia Nicolai, it can be a fast-growing indoor plant that may soon outgrow its space. Find out how to take care of these beautiful plants! Check out our Bird of Paradise Care guide if you learn best by seeing.


Let the top couple of inches of soil dry out before you water, and when you do water, soak the soil so much that any extra water runs out of the grow pot. Because this houseplant needs a lot of bright light, the soil may dry out more quickly, so be ready to water it more often. You should water your Bird of Paradise less often during the fall and winter.


The Bird of Paradise needs a lot of bright, indirect light. These plants can get very big, and to do so, they need a lot of light. They also need a lot of light to flower indoors, which only happens sometimes. We recommend finding a place that gets at least 6–8 hours of indirect sunlight every day. Strelitzia can live in less light, but its leaves will be smaller and won’t grow as quickly. You can plant your Bird of Paradise outside, but make sure to let it get used to the weather by putting it in partial shade for two weeks before moving it to full sunlight.


Fertilise every other week during the growing season with a liquid fertiliser. Add a 1″ layer of organic compost on top of the soil. Scratch the compost into the top layer of soil, and give it a drink of water! The Bird of Paradise this plant can grow pretty quickly and give it more food.


Strelitzia Nicolai does well in temperatures between 65 and 85°F. The Bird of Paradise does not like to be cold because it is a tropical plant. If you bring the plant outside during the warmer months, bring it back inside before the overnight lows drop below 50°F.


The Strelitzia Nicolai can live in average humidity, but more humidity will help this plant grow. Put the Bird of Paradise in a naturally humid area, or use a humidifier or a pebble tray with water to create the right environment. Find out how to make the air around your indoor plants more humid.

Pro Tips:

  • The Bird of Paradise’s leaves can get split. People think that this happens in nature to help plants stand up to strong winds. Splits can happen at any time, but they are normal and nothing to worry about.
  • The Bird of Paradise can be spread by splitting it up. You should split the main plant into several smaller plants when you re-pot. If you want more flowers, wait to split them. When the Bird of Paradise is crowded in its pot, it is more likely to bloom. Plants that have been split up may not bloom.
  • Take the time to clean the leaves of the plant by rinsing the plant in a tub or sink or wiping them down with a wet cloth. When the leaves are clean, photosynthesis works better for the plant.

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