Which ACCA exam has the lowest pass rate?

ACCA passes its exams during the last weekend of November. There are three exams; one in Business Studies and two in Finance. The pass rate is 50% for Business Studies and 40% for Finance. Many people pass their exams at the first attempt.

So why do the pass rates vary so much? This is because the questions in each paper are different. Some papers ask for simple facts, while others are more challenging. Some papers require only your general knowledge, while others require detailed answers. ACCA Exam Centre One paper requires you to interpret data tables, while another requires you to understand complex financial models. The APM exam tests your skills in reading, writing and analysing texts and documents.

To write your essays, you will need to use different styles and approaches. You need to understand the language used in business and finance and use it correctly in your essays. The AFM exam tests your skills in working out your ideas and communicating with people. In order to write your essays, you will need to think about the meaning and significance of the topics covered in each paper.