8Xbet – A Sports and Games News Site in Vietnam

If you are a fan of sports and games, then you should know that there is a website in Vietnam that offers a wide range of different online games. It is called and it has all kinds of different options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to play a game of poker, or you want to try your hand at some blackjack, you should be able to find it on this site.

YouSport 790

YouSport 790 is one of the most popular sports news sites in Vietnam. It features live reports on football matches and other major sporting events. The site is updated twenty-four hours a day. Whether you are a soccer fan or a baseball lover, you can find all the information you need on the site.

This site has a large library of videos and articles on a variety of sports. Moreover, the site is available in English, Vietnamese, and French. There is also a forum for discussion and a sports prediction game. All the content on the site is vetted by a team of experts.

EightX is another sports news website that offers coverage of all the major sporting events in Vietnam. EightX has a large database of breaking news stories and also features a forum where readers can discuss games and other topics.

Xem the Thai 789

The Xem the Thai 789 sports and games news site in Vietnam is one of the fastest growing sports news sites in the country. This popular website offers comprehensive coverage of all the major sporting events in the country. It features videos, live scores, and articles on a wide variety of sports. You can also make betting bets, book tickets, and participate in a discussion forum to share your opinions.

The EightX website is available in both Vietnamese and English. It features a large database of breaking news stories. Users can access it through a portable application that can be downloaded for their cell phones. The content of the website is vetted by a team of experts.

EightX also has a forum for fans to discuss their favorite teams and discuss upcoming sporting events. They can also win prizes for predicting the winners of a game. Moreover, the site has a calendar of events.

Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper

One of the most popular sports news sites in Vietnam is Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper. The site is available in several languages and offers extensive coverage of all major games. It has live scores, articles, betting games and a forum for discussions.

This site is available in Vietnamese and English. There are also videos, articles and a calendar of upcoming events. Moreover, EightX has a vast library of breaking news stories. You can access the site from your PC or your cell phone.

The content of the website is composed by screened experts. It is updated regularly. Besides, you can participate in challenge games and win prizes. Moreover, EightX features a community of sports fans, who share their knowledge and expertise.

8Xbet offers a wide selection of games

A sports and games news site in Vietnam like Nhà cái 8xbet is a great source of information for fans of various sports. It offers comprehensive coverage of major sporting events and provides live scores. With a large readership, it is one of the most popular sites in the country.

EightX has a big database of articles, videos, breaking news and other content. It is available in both English and Vietnamese. Users can access its contents through the website, their PCs and mobile phones. The site is updated regularly, so it is guaranteed to provide up-to-date news.

EightX also features a community of sports enthusiasts. They can chat, discuss and predict games to win prizes. In addition, they can book tickets for upcoming sporting events.

Is 8Xbet a fake gambling operator?

A recently published report from the UK’s Mail on Sunday has raised questions about 8xbet. The company is a gambling firm with a big marketing budget that works with Premier League clubs. However, its back story does not match up with available records.

For one thing, the company appears to be run from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam, two countries where betting is illegal. There is also a lack of transparency. This includes a web address that was still for sale at the end of 2021.

What the media hasn’t mentioned is that the UK Gambling Commission has been aware of allegations against 8xbet. The commission has said it will investigate.

But what about the fact that 8xbet has a primary English language Twitter account, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a YouTube video featuring England striker Teddy Sheringham? It has 42 followers on Instagram, and its official YouTube channel has 360 subscribers.