Will a magnet ruin a HDD?

Will a magnet ruin a HDD? We have magnets in our refrigerator. You can use these to clean our fridge or to organize our kitchen. We even have magnets on our microwave. All these magnets are useful but they aren’t powerful enough to wipe out everything on your hard drive.

A normal household magnet can’t delete data from your hard drive. Only powerful magnets can do that. These magnets use a technology known as Superconductor Magnets to wipe out all your data. It is just as powerful as a nuclear bomb. However, they are not available for sale.

If you own a Mac, you should make sure you have Hdd destroyer a backup system in place. You can use Time Machine to create a backup of your files and the application to create a backup of your Mac system. You may also want to invest in a program like Carbon Copy Cloner to create a backup of your files.

The best thing to do is to back up your files and the OS whenever you make any changes. If you do so, you can restore your files in the event of a hard disk failure or if you accidentally delete something important.