What kind of fish is Hawaiian poke?

hawaiian fish poke bowls


Hawaiian poke has become a popular dish all over the world. But what kind of fish is it? This simple but flavorful dish has become a favorite for many people. Because it is easy to prepare, healthy and delicious at the same time. In this blog post, I’ll explore the different kinds of fish used to make Hawaiian poke and how you can use them in your own recipes. I will discuss which are the best choices for poke bowls and why you might want to choose one type of fish over another.

What is Hawaiian Poke?

Poke is a Hawaiian dish that traditionally consists of diced raw fish (usual tuna) marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, with onion, garlic, and ginger. Over the years, poke has evolved to include a variety of different ingredients and flavor profiles. But the basics remain the same.Poke typically served as an appetizer or main course, and can be found on menus at most Hawaiian restaurants.

How is Hawaiian poke prepared?

Hawaiian poke is typically made with raw fish that has been marinated in a sauce or seasoning. The fish is then cut into small pieces and served with rice, vegetables, and fruits.

The different types of fish used in Hawaiian poke

Poke is a Hawaiian dish that traditionally consists of diced raw fish, soy sauce, sesame oil, and onions. While poke can be made with a variety of different types of fish. The most common type of fish used in Hawaiian poke is ahi tuna. Other popular types of fish used in poke include salmon, Mahi Mahi, and octopus.

How to make Hawaiian poke

Hawaiian poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that typically consists of cubed raw fish that is marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, and other seasonings. The fish is then usually served over rice or greens.

There are many different ways to make Hawaiian fish poke bowls. But the basic ingredients and steps are typically the same. To make Hawaiian poke, you will need:

-1 pound of fresh, sushi-grade fish (tuna, salmon, or yellowtail are all good choices)

-1/4 cup soy sauce

-1/4 cup sesame oil

-2 tablespoons rice vinegar

-Take 1 teaspoon sugar

-1 tablespoon finely chopped green onions

-1 teaspoon sea salt

Where can you find Hawaiian poke?

If you’re looking for Hawaiian poke, you’ll likely find it in one of three places. A grocery store, a restaurant, or on the island of Hawaii.

You will typically find Hawaiian poke in a grocery store, in the seafood section. It sells in individual containers or in bulk.

Hawaiian poke serve as an appetizer or main dish. It’s also common to find it on the menu of Hawaiian-themed restaurants.

If you’re lucky enough to be on the island of Hawaii. You’ll find Hawaiian poke just about anywhere, from roadside stands to five-star resorts.


Whether you’re looking for something light, like white tuna or salmon, or something more exotic like octopus or eel. Hawaiian poke has it all. With its balance of fresh flavors and healthy ingredients. Hawaiian poke is a great meal choice to enjoy at home or when out exploring the islands.