The Solutions to Challenges for Hiring App Developers!

The corporate landscape experienced a substantial upheaval after the epidemic. The speed at which businesses are stepping up their attempts to use new technology stands out the most. At the same rate, companies are there to hire android app developers in India for their future growth. Building flexible, adaptable, and agile business models is now the principal focus. But because of the worldwide lockdown brought on by Covid-19 and the ensuing economic crises, quickly expanding teams at local geographies has proven difficult. Due to India’s availability of a big talent pool of highly trained software engineers across technologies, businesses from over the world are going to this country. A one-stop shop for all your development requirements, it provides resources across new technologies and has one of the world’s largest IT talent pools.

This article is for you if you wish to grow your team by outsourcing an IT project to India.

Solutions to Top Challenges to Hire App Developers in India

  1. High Market Saturation

The market for discovering, employing, and keeping highly trained workers ultimately becomes competitive since many businesses worldwide outsource to India. In addition, although there are countless numbers of talented developers in India, there are also a large number of unskilled laborers. As a result, it may be challenging to locate qualified candidates when looking to hire app developers in India.

Solution: To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Screening and Interviewing That Works: To access the most delicate facets of a software developer’s competence and skills, effective interviewing techniques and approaches, such as checking the developer’s technical knowledge, experience, and competency, are essential.

You may use these steps to find the appropriate resource:

  • List verified development businesses according to their knowledge, service quality, and security requirements.
  • Consider your prospective partner’s ratings, references, client endorsements, and success stories on well-known B2B platforms.
  • Look for a technology partner with a lot of expertise in new technology stacks.
  • Check out their zeal and communication skills.
  1. Lack of Security and Privacy Laws

In India, the year 2021 was one to remember for privacy and data protection.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Signature – An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), a legal instrument that keeps the lid on sensitive information like trade secrets and customer data, should be in place between the development firm, developers, and business in order to preserve a competitive edge. After all, written confidentiality agreements ratified by all participants promote confidence in discussions and reduce intellectual property theft.
  • Consistent Security Checks: Maintaining physical redundancy, infrastructure, and server security assessments on a regular basis helps safeguard data against failures, threats, and natural catastrophes.
  • EPP (EndPoints Protection Platforms) Integration: the EPP technique on the device may aid in detecting unidentified assaults.
  1. Cultural Obstacles

Indian and American cultures are quite different from one another. Some of these disparities will only affect your working relationship and will increase your company’s variety. Understanding one another’s cultures will thus help with better management and higher production.

Nonverbal contextual communication is a critical component of another cultural distinction. Business connections are essential in India because individuals often express their thoughts via their emotions.

Solution: Choosing the correct staff and building a transparent, well-organized, and intelligent management system promotes good communication between all stakeholders, providing enterprises with a significant boost.

The procedures listed below may help with this problem:

  • When discussing your aims and objectives with the offshore development partner, maintain openness in your communication.
  • Respect their culture, customs, and values, and refrain from having the remote staff follow your company model.
  • Know the level of professionalism in the particular area.
  • To prevent misunderstandings, uncertainty, and conflict between the team, the business, and the customers, provide your remote team with the proper training and coaching.
  • Establish a process for constructive feedback that enables team communication and feedback sharing.
  1. Resource Backup Is Not Always Accessible

The success of a project is based on having a resource backup bench –a team that can take over in an emergency and guarantees on-time completion. However, resource backups are not accessible when dealing with independent contractors, third-party websites, or even a small business, leading to a single point of failure for the project.

Solution: To solve these problems, use this procedure:

  • Consider the size of the system, work processes, frameworks, and escalation matrix of your possible development partner. Particularly in escalation situations, access their operational structure and see how quickly the hired developers fix the issue.
  • At this time, having a resource backup has been essential to ensuring the project’s smooth progress. Choosing a trustworthy partner that can provide swift resource replacement and on-demand scaling up or scaling down of the hired staff is thus advised.
  1. Communications Issues

In particular, two situations might cause communication problems:

  • Lack of Language Competence: The recruited crew is analytically strong. Still, they struggle because their poor English is widely used in technology and software development, and there is an unconscious prejudice against them. When instructions are misunderstood and developers cannot adequately communicate their thoughts, this communication gap becomes a significant problem.
  • Work Tracking: When you outsource a project, you and the other party are often bound by a contract that specifies the project’s scope and time frame. Dealing with developers struggling to communicate might slow development since working with a remote team limits your capacity to monitor ongoing activities.  


To solve these problems, use the procedure described below: Use a careful selection approach to address the communication problem. In the long term, an effective selection procedure may be advantageous.

The following stages make up the selection procedure:

  • Analytical aptitude test for resume review
  • English-language candidate selection interviews
  • In order to significantly speed up the process, it is always preferable to recruit developers with a solid command of the language and relevant expertise.


Hire App developers in India is quite challenging, as you can know after reading this article. So while hiring Indian developers, check on these challenges and be ready with their solutions.